When life hits harder than ever, how do you make sense of it? How do you move forward?

If that’s you, the World’s Biggest Small Group can help! When you sign up, you’ll join over 30,000 people who were encouraged by our last study. We’ll send you inspiring stories from Christian artists and personalities who have been there, too.

Choose one of the topics below and start your journey today!

Forgiveness: Is it possible?

If you’ve ever been hurt. If you’ve ever hurt someone else. If you’ve ever been too hard on yourself. You’re in the right place.

Start your journey to forgiveness!


Beyond Suffering

If you’re going through one of the darkest or most confusing times in your life – or walking alongside someone else who is – this study is for you.

Start your journey to hope!


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William r draper sr

God is so great I pray every morning, noon, & night I believe that praying is inportin I listen to this stasion all the time god bless all of you thanks a lot for for being ther to play all of the gloryfull music amen brother’s and sisters