Have you ever wondered, what Jesus was actually like here on earth? This 25 day study explores those questions. You’ll learn something new about Jesus every day through reading the book of Luke and hearing personal stories from WAY-FM DJs and artists who have encountered Jesus in their own lives.

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9 Comments on "Find Out What Jesus is Really Like!"

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John Nall

I just want to really thank God for this post today. It was helpful.

Eric Knaub

Glory be to the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost!




Thank You for your message today. I have been struggling and asking God to lead me, but also wanting God to lead me to what I want. Thank you for the words. I pray one day that I see Gods plan for me. I pray that I do what I am tasked with in happiness and joy for Our Lord and Savior. What is behind me is dead…Lead and I will follow. Thank You Jesus!


I have always felt God in my life since I was very little. I have seen His work in my life and others lives. No one can EVER tell me God does not exist! Praise Him!


A big Amen to that!


Just passing by Orlando and heard your station


Jesus Christ was the finest man to ever walk upon this Earth. And I can honestly say I cannot wait to meet him.


i thank god for my life.