Read (from the New Living Translation)

Psalm 43:5

5Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again—
my Savior and my God!

Go Deep

Wally joins us again today with a special interview…

I had a chance to sit down with Mark Hall of Casting Crowns and talk about what happens when life gets real. The real that happens when you get the diagnosis from your doctor that it is indeed cancer. It doesn’t matter who you are that kind of news stops you in your tracks and forces you to contemplate and even evaluate your faith.

Mark is a guy who has spent his life telling people that God is bigger than their problems. He has written songs about praising God through the storms of life, and now he was having to take his own advice. He talks about music helping him work through this, but something I found particularly interesting, was how knowing who God is because you have spent time with Him and have been in a relationship with Him in the good times, helps carry you through the times when you don’t feel like God is good or that He is even there at all.

This conversation is a great tutorial for how to go through those life shattering moments and come out the other side even stronger and more grounded in your relationship with God.

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  1. Profile photo of kkoerner

    Im loving the truths during pain that is being shared. I pray this series remains ongoing as suffering is constantly happening. People will always need help through this season. Thank you for sharing and encouraging. God bless.

    • Profile photo of George

      It couldn’t be put better than that.
      When the rubber hits the road we all need to know who we are in Christ .
      Like the rap song says, “And if you don’t know now you know!”

  2. Nicol

    The whole letting people in… sometimes you really need someone to want to just sit with you. Not to be ignored when you hurt because when you are it hurts more. A few years ago I lost a lot of my family one after another due to cancer. People didn’t know how to deal with me so I did it alone. I was a long way from family who are in another country so could have used some friends to sit with me.

    • Profile photo of Missy P

      I know what you mean when you say that sometimes just being there is good enough. I relate this story to Job 2:13, Job’s friends sat with him for 7 days in silence because his grief was heavy and they could not help him, but that was all he needed from them.

      God’s blessings.

    • Profile photo of Ashley

      Nicol, I have been in your shoes. It is hard to go through that stuff alone especially when family isn’t living near you and your friends around you aren’t sure how to act around you. I realized during my times of hurt God was always there you aren’t alone, he is always listening.

  3. Profile photo of Catherine Waters

    Awesome talk! Having been through a difficult time in a hospital, I agree that having someone be able to sit beside you and not say anything can be the strongest support. It was my mom day in and day out. I thank God for her.

  4. Lorrie J Lindsey

    Totally beautiful words, life throws us bad……knowing who the Lord is is what we need to hold close to our hearts

  5. kelly

    I’m really getting a lot out of the daily devotions. My son’s girlfriend, who is only 20, lost her father to lung cancer last week and he was her best friend, her hero. She had to put aside her grief for a few days so that she could put together a memorial for him since her mother was not able to do it due to mental issues and there was no one else to do it. She did an amazing job. She is living with us and these devotions every day help me to minister to her in her time of grief. Thank you for this series.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      God is good! We are so glad that these devotionals can be something that ministers to your son’s girlfriend during this painful time. And blessings to you and your family for being hands and feet to her during this time. We will be praying for her!

  6. Bernice Smith


  7. Profile photo of TriniluvPack

    There are times when I am talking to a friend and they are going through a tough time and I can’t find the words to say to comfort them and at that time I feel inadequate as a friend but after watching this, I realized just because I don’t have words doesn’t mean I’m a bad friend. Just being there for them is probably the best thing for them, so they know they are not alone in their struggle.

  8. Charmell Carr

    I really respect those that are sharing their faith through the storms to thousands they don’t even know. Thank you.

  9. Travis

    I know that all the trials and tribulation that I’m facing in my life right now have happened so that I can witness our GOD at work and draw me closer to Him. I’ve finally given up trying to handle it myself and give it over to GOD. Since that point, I’ve had an over whelming sense of Peace come over me. I know that no matter what happens, our GOD will take care of me. GOD is GOOD all the time.

  10. Profile photo of prairie

    Wow. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I think during struggles, no matter how big or small they are, God will show you who your “true” friends are. Even if they are new friends, you will know if they are being real and want to be there for you. I’m thankful for the people that God has given me during my struggles. I have two family members right now that are in the hospital. They are both slowly getting better, but for a while we thought we where going to loose both of them. The two people that are in the hospital both were in serious accidents unrelated to the other accident. One of those people is only in their 20’s and the other person is quite a bit older. I am also learning that sometimes if you can’t be there physically for the person, the best thing you can do is pray for that person and ask others to pray as well. God hears even if it doesn’t feel like it. It is usually during those times that you will draw closer to God, and watch His miraculous hand at work. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

  11. Blaine

    So powerful. Thanks, Mark and Wally for sharing this. Your reminder today to live in the truth is such a great reminder as I face difficult situations.

  12. Profile photo of M.Mouse

    That was so Awesome to hear !!! We talked about that in our Bible study before school today. I think I really needed to be reminded of that. Thank you for sharing it.

  13. Profile photo of Cali Flower

    God is good in all things.. and it’s so hard to remember that everyday.

  14. Abbie

    I’m so great evil for the timing of this series. It’s really helping me to stay grounded in my faith. I have always known God. I was raised in the church and always involved in youth group and mission trips and such but I never really had a relationship with God until recently. I feel like it was one of those things that I knew He existed but there wasn’t anything else to it. I never realized that those people that do daily devotional a and church 2-3 times a week and keep only holy friends and live their lives for God had a different relationship with Him. I feel like I finally have the rock and the friend that I’ve always been searching for. He was always there but I’m finally recognizing it and building that relationship. This radio station and small group series has really been huge in helping me with that and I thank Gos every day for opening my heart to it.

  15. Profile photo of Nanakaty58

    Thanks Wally and Mark I’m a fixer too but I know Only God can fix anything or anyone I’m working on that. ILove our group look forward to it each day.Praise the Lord

    • Teepee

      Ditto! I am guilty of trying to fix everything and everybody. I am a recovering workaholic and recovering control freak all in the name of pride. He has opened my eyes to this sinful part of me. I am a performance based person and wanted all to be perfect. How ludicrous is that!?!
      Only He is perfect.Yes, we strive for perfection while we are on this side of glory, but my idea of perfection and His were completely different. Mine was focused on me,myself,and I. Now He is showing me it is all about Him.
      There is a new song out that goes something like this,”If you have chains, He’s a chain breaker. If you have pain, He’s a pain taker. If you are lost, He’s a Waymaker.”
      Jesus is all these things and more!He is my God. My Savior. My Rock. King of Kings and LORD of lords. There is none like Him.

      • Profile photo of Missy P

        The first step to healing is admission. I am going through something similar with a friend so I know what you mean. I am also learning to see people with the same eyes God sees them, faultless.

  16. Teepee

    Thank you, Mark! The Lord has used your songs to help so many of us when we go thru struggles. What you said about your fear having to meet your God was so profound! That is it! To use some of your God-given lyrics, “the Voice of Truth tells us a different story, the Voice of Truth says do not be afraid. And the Voice of Truth says this is for My Glory. Out of all the voices calling out to me I will choose to listen and believe The Voice of Truth.”
    Thank you for serving Him and reaching so many people. Praying that your eyes will stay fixed on the prize, our Very Great Reward,Jesus Christ, as you continue with your battles with cancer and with your service for the LORD. HE IS ABLE! (Eph 3:20-21).

  17. Profile photo of Asher

    It was great to revisit the Mark Hall interview and talk about helping others walk through suffering today! 🙂 Mark makes an interesting point about being there for friends going through tough times, not lecturing them – to me, kind of like using actions in terms of words when witnessing our faith.

  18. Profile photo of sanchezkarla

    Thank you so much for sharing,Mark! So down-to-earth, and you exude the peace and light of Jesus Christ! I’m taking away many things from today’s interview, but my favorite is your comment about “Walking in the truth I already knew.” Amen!

  19. Profile photo of Big Country

    Powerful story. Music is a great tool to help us. My love for music has just absolutely went through the roof as it has brought joy through my trials. Through my trials people have said I’m too young to have these kind of back issues. The advice of people sometimes doesn’t fix things, but they do mean well. I will say that I didn’t want to hear a lot of what was said to me, but I needed sympathy, not advice or fixers. God’s word and being able to sing praises to him and sing along with the radio have been huge healers for me. God has been so good teaching me who he is in the bad times. He is even better in the bad to me even though it was hard to see.

  20. Profile photo of Stephannie

    Fears slamming into something solid… our faith!!! How important it is to have deep roots of relationship with Jesus! Our feeling can’t be trusted in difficult times.. oh I just loved this interview!!

  21. Cody Deno

    At around the age of 10, my Muscular Dystrophy took away my ability to walk. I had always walked slower than other kids and wasn’t able to do things most other kids did, such as climb trees or go across monkey bars. My Muscular Dystrophy slowly got worse and made me weaker and weaker, until I could barely walk and then not at all. When that happened I was obviously upset, and I yelled at God, asking,”Why me?!?!” For a few months I was very sad, but I got through that dark time. At the time, I was not that close to God, but now looking back I know it was God who guided me through that sad, dark time. Occasionally I get sad about having Muscular Dystrophy, but now I am closer to God and I pray for strength to overcome those sad times. Now I know God is on by my side all the time!

  22. Profile photo of carto877

    Wow that was really encouraging to hear. I am not one who really relates to depression. I am usually a happy kind of person so a truly depressed person I can try to understand and I do but I can not relate. But this one hits home. Everyone goes through storms. And we have to learn how to remember to rely on God. Remember all that He has already taught us and that He is always with us. Thank you Mr. Mark Hall for sharing. Love the music too.

  23. Robbie P.

    Relationship with GOD…how huge is that!!

  24. Debra

    Thank you for the great advice to not to try to fix things or say the right things, but to “just be there” for the one who is hurtling! Lots of love to all!

  25. Profile photo of Kari

    Thank you for sharing!! What an excellent way to look at life and things happening … getting back to the root of the truth and that for sure is in my trust in God!

  26. Profile photo of susieqgray

    It has always been my habit to isolate when I am going through something,to be the strong one,and smile through the tears. God made us relational creations, and we are meant to lean on each other in times of need. How good it is to not have to stand alone!

    • Profile photo of Shawnie5

      Susieq –

      I’m the same way always wanting to smile and have people think things are fine. Lean on those that you can. Have them help you, Oh and please lean on God I’m always amazed at how big and strong His shoulders are. I always envision how many people He must have leaning at one time – can you imagine? haha What a treat that is for us! Blessings!

  27. Destiny

    This is amazing! I look forward to reading this every day!

  28. Profile photo of gail

    Thank you for relieving the feeling we need to “fix It”, and knowing we can just “be”. Silence can be hard.

  29. Profile photo of Shawnie5

    Being a two time brain cancer survivor and beating out my death date both times it is evident to me that I am NEVER in control and that God always will be. The faith I’ve shown Him has been paid back two-fold. Cancer sucks, but keeping focused on Him made things a bit easier. Blessings to all of you who are suffering right now. Keep moving forward and eyes upward!

  30. Yolanda

    Thank you!! I so needed this today. God bless you!

  31. Diane Schreiber

    “Walking through the truth, that I already knew” sounds like the name of a song you should write, brother! You shared some powerful words there…sometimes we just need to hear it again and our souls just latch on to those truths!

  32. Profile photo of Becky Wolberg

    Perfect description of how the storm hits you on the inside…you can feel yourself riding it until you feel God’s hand calms it.

  33. Profile photo of Susan

    thanks for being real about fighting yourself and about not trusting feelings.

  34. Profile photo of Merp

    This really hit the heart of where I am right now.

  35. Profile photo of bridget0394

    Oh that’s so true. why do we think we can fix everything?!?

  36. Kathleen Kauffman

    I don’t want to go to anybody! I want to be the strong one! I want a job that takes care of me and my dog but it never has. I’ve always had help. But I’m tired of living this life. I feel like Hesus has a home in eternity, there’s always something better that I haven’t experienced. You know I honestly didn’t think my parents dealt with crisis very well, or they didn’t. I just realized that my father’s dinner prayer was so regular that I forgot he prayed for me I suppose he continues to pray for me, and why don’t I pray any more than I do? I’m in a bit of a crisis but I don’t need to be. It was a lot of my choices that brought me here. I have made some not so good choices. But one I did make was to put my daughter up for adoption. Even though my own father didn’t seem to be there during that time, I knew I had made the best decision I knew how. So I have to take that time, and say I got through that time, I can make it through now.

  37. Barbara Allison

    I enjoyed this segment. I, too, have to overcome my pride to allow people to help me when I need it.