Read (from the New Living Translation)

Proverbs 3:5-6

5Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
6Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take.

Go Deep

What about someone who has been wronged in an unfathomable way? Is forgiveness even possible or expected from them? Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave had a young lady come up to him after a show and tell him this story. It’s a heavy one, but the ending is powerful.


Bonus Content!

Watch the official music video to the song that meant so much to the woman in Mike’s story. It’s called “Redeemed.” 

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  1. Profile photo of Penny Hambey

    Amazing! I want to remember that nail and think about that whenever I feel unable to forgive! Bless that young lady Lord, and bring some sweetness to her life for her to enjoy. You are a most merciful God!

  2. Profile photo of Ashley

    Wow that’s awesome! I believe we hear stories for a reason to share with others his amazingness! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Pamela Anne McCoy

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this young lady’s story. What an awesome testament to the power of forgiveness!!

    • John Gilmore

      The name of Jesus is so powerful. Thank you for sharing that story and being who you and your band are. God is good all the time!

  4. Profile photo of Reggie

    Talk about storing up treasures in heaven. It truly amazes me how powerful something that I sing along to in my car can be. I like the words and melodies but for this amazing young lady it seems to have actually brought life and it more abundantly. I am so glad she received such a blessing and the fact that she let Mike know how God used him in her time of need. So many times even the smallest gesture can make such a difference and we don’t even realize that what we are doing is helping someone, so this story has the best of both worlds. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Profile photo of Jennifer Boyd

    I am so happy for this woman and her ability to forgive. I truly am. But what if you’re not in a place where you are ready to forgive yet? Two years ago I found out not one or two but all four of my children were horribly sexually abused for years by a trusted family member. The physical, psychological, and emotional damage my children suffered and are still suffering is extensive and runs painfully deep. This man is in jail and has snubbed his nose at every plea deal or alternative other the trial and is now forcing my children to have to testify in open court. Through all of this I carry immense guilt and shame for being a Christian who can’t find it in her heart to forgive. I hear these stories and, though I feel happiness for their ability to forgive, it compounds my guilt and shame as a Christian who can’t. I pray I will be there someday but today is not that day.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Jennifer, that is so hard. My heart is hurting with yours this morning.

      I’m by no means an expert on this, but I do know a few things. I hope you were able to read Day 3 where Joy talks about forgiveness being a process and forgiveness being something that daily turns our hearts back to God. Also, Days 6 & 7 where Crowder and Betty show us that sometimes forgiveness has to start with accepting God’s forgiveness in our own lives.

      I hope these stories don’t dishearten you. I hope they encourage you that forgiveness IS possible – but only with God! It’s a journey and He is with you on it.

      Thanks for being bold and honest and sharing your story here! I’m glad you’re part of this group. We weren’t meant to struggle alone.

      • Candice

        Thanks for sharing, Rebie.

        • Rebecca

          Hey, Candice!

      • Teepee

        Thank you for sharing your tragedy. Know that Gos is faithful and He will work this out for each of you. 2 Cor. 4:6-9 tells us His Glory will shine through us in Christ. We have this surpassing power in these jars of clay. We may be pressed but not crushed; perplexed but not in despair, struck down but not destroyed.
        I will be praying for your family and that you will fix your eyes on Him. He will heal you. He is Jehovah Rapha.

    • Profile photo of Joani Pederson

      I lift you and your children up in prayer! That is a heavy burden that can only be forgiven with the help of God’s grace! Forgiveness is not forgetting what happened to your children, but it’ll help you deal with the guilt and pain you are currently feeling as well as surround you with God’s peace and love. Continued prayers for you all!

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      How horrible, 4 times over! Praying for our glorious God to bring that day to you in all of His Grace & Power. The tears will continue to flow, but I am praying for a new kind of tears to flood over your heart & soul. For your dear children, I pray what Mike repeated in his story – that they don’t have to be defined by the things that happened to them. Instead, they are whole in Christ!

    • Liz

      I was the child in your story. Please know that forgiveness isn’t for the person. It’s for you. Until you can forgive…they still have power over you. The other thing I’d say is that the very ability to forgive is through the strength of our Father not through us. It’s a dismal failure if we try on our own. I’ve been able to forgive and even have a relationship (with boundaries) with that family member. But, it was only when I stopped trying and started giving my hurt and anger to Jesus and asking him to show me what to do. On another note….No matter where you are in your journey, you are loved like crazy by your Daddy. Hugs and prayers!

  6. Profile photo of lorilu

    Wow. The courage and strength God gives us is incredible!
    Truly amazing story of His power at work in us!

  7. Profile photo of frankiegee25

    What a powerful story!! Everyone should carry a nail with them to help humble themselves!! I know I need to!!!

  8. Profile photo of Walkie35

    Very moving. It lets us know that no matter what, forgiveness is possible.

  9. Carrie

    Thank you for this.God is truly amazing how he works in our lives!!! For years I have been carrying around this anger for the sexual abuse I endured as a child by my own uncle.i never​ understood what people were trying to tell me about forgiving this man. Today this just hit me and it makes sense. It is time and I finally get it. Had I not been here in this amazing world’s biggest small group, who knows how many more years I would have been living torturing myself!!! Thank you. God bless this woman who shared her story with you!!

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Wow, Carrie, you’re moving me to getting teary eyed this morning! I’m so thankful that this helped you see a new perspective and hopefully helped you see how powerful our God is a little bit more. That is so cool.

      Praying for you this morning as you continue on this journey of forgiveness. I’m glad you’re part of this group!!

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      So glad that you are a part of this incredible group with us, Carrie, & so glad that our Faithful Father is so patient in His understanding of us all. When we are weak, He is strong!

  10. Charmell Carr

    Her story shows us how much our human system is so broken. How people like her captor get away with the horrible things they do to people. And yet God’s system is not broken, it’s perfect. She was able to forgive a person for his despicable behavior towards her because God’s system works. Wow

  11. Profile photo of Jennifer

    These just keep getting better and better! Most powerful part was hearing, “I don’t have to be defined by what happened to me.” That nail is such a great reminder of what Christ did for us at the cross. Puts things in a tangible way, better perspective.

  12. Paula Slack

    Wow! God bless this lady and all she has gone through. I cannot say I would be so forgiving. I would try but it would not come that easy. May God keep her safe from this monster, and may he never find her. I will carry a nail with me as a reminder each day of what Jesus did for me.

  13. Cody Deno

    Wow! That is a crazy story!
    Music is such a powerful tool that God uses to help us get through dark times, at least that’s what I’ve experienced in my life, and I think that young lady would agree.
    I like how that young lady carries a nail with her to help remind her of Jesus’ sacrifice when the Devil tempts her. I think I’m going to try carrying something with me that reminds me of Jesus’ sacrifice and helps me overcome the Devil’s temptation.

  14. Profile photo of Julie Pitts

    May God Bless and Keep that woman safe. My abusers were family members or friends of my alcoholic parents. I forgave my parents for putting us in those situations and those people they left us with and the family members who had abused me. But it wasn’t until I wrote my book about my childhood abuse and the editors had sent it back yet again for me to read and sign off before publishing. That is all hit me. And I truly forgave them. The devil uses the memories and Flashbacks to try and keep me in Bondage but I constantly listen to on the radio or app. And I just turn up the songs and let myself experience God within me.

  15. Linda

    What a great great story. Its hard to forgive when you are feeling hurt and angry. But with God in our heart and the strength he gives us …all things are possible. I know that first hand!

  16. Profile photo of Katie

    Beautiful! Made me tear up so amazing to have a father who not only shows forgiveness to us but allows us to forgive others as well God is good all the time😊

  17. What courage this woman had. Your song Redeemed has helped me on days I failed to focus on our loving God who allowed his Son to sacrifice his life on the cross with Nails.
    This is a wonderful testament to him.

  18. Profile photo of Big Country

    That nail is a great reminder and point. The power of forgiveness is so amazing yet so difficult at times. What an amazing story on how God gave this lady the power to forgive this guy for what he did to her. It’s something only God can do!

  19. Profile photo of chenglis

    Today’s topic is especially powerful! It’s a great reminder to not live our lives defined by or inhabiting the sins of others. God gives us the grace to receive and extend forgiveness.

  20. Jan

    Amazing story!! Thank you for sharing it!

  21. anonymous

    my beautiful healthy granddaughter was shaken by her birth father, left blind and unable to swallow, sit up with CP and pain. Unfortunately her body IS defined by that moment in time when he lost control…her mother is devastated and unable to work, her brother is angry toward the man who is now in jail for nearly 20 years, in therapy, her sister is frightened of everyday things…it has been two years and things are settling down for them….I have pity on the man for his heart being so cold towards his daughter, and I forgive myself for my hardness towards him…but I have a long way to go to get to forgiving this crime against a defenseless 7 month old baby…I don’t wish harm to him and am content knowing God will work out any vengeance..They have all moved in with us so we can share the burden and joy of care.but we are now postponing retirement for 7 years, saving up for a wheelchair van, picking up the pieces……

    • Profile photo of Dori

      What a testimony, and a heart like Jesus you are showing!! Bravo!

    • Teepee

      That is heartretching. You are in my prayers! God will work good out of this somehow and when He does you will know it was only through Him.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      God has enlarged your household … & I pray that you will see many instances where God is enlarging His Blessing upon you all in ways that you never thought imaginable. Keep faithful!

  22. Profile photo of Dori

    INCREDIBLE STORY!! She is a true testament to the power of the Holy Spirit!

  23. Profile photo of Carl

    Wow! What a story! God is truly an AMAZING deliverer!

  24. Tina Ledbetter

    I love that song Redeemed. Such a powerful story. It is amazing how many people go through struggles like this and are able to forgive. God is faithful to forgive us and we to shall forgive anyone who hurts us. God is just so AWESOME!

  25. Beth

    Wow!! Amen.

  26. Profile photo of Susan

    I am Redeemed. Even when I don’t always feel it, I know it!

  27. Jennifer L Evans

    No words! Beautiful.

  28. I am trying to forgive the people that murdered my son. If they did it to me ,I think it would be easier than having my son murdered. They beat him, stabbed him in the throat and drowned him. Even though the police know they did it, they did not have enough evidence to charge them. They did’nt kill just my son they took our family too, when they took my precious son. I was out for 20 years and just recently got back in church. That’s why I’m trying to forgive them.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      Diane, my heart grieves with you over your irreplaceable loss. As you have returned to the Shepherd of our souls, I pray that you experience His rest & peace & comfort. Though it might seem unbelievable, may your cup overflow! [Psalm 23]

  29. MarJean Christiansen

    God is so good, He is there when we do not feel His presence, it is a great comfort to me and my grandchildren and children for I know He is there with them, they do not know He is there but I have the promise that He is and all that they are going through, He will bring them out and home to me and make good out of all of it. Just as he has for that captive woman. We all can be captive of sin but if we have Jesus we have redemption and hope. Thank you for that reminder.

  30. Profile photo of Margie

    Wow, what a story! She s a very strong woman & I’m thankful she’s okay! Thank you!

  31. Joni DeBord

    Women and young girls enslaved in human trafficking are a passion of mine! Yes, God can forgive. God can heal. We can be free!

  32. Profile photo of awifeamom2

    My daughter was raped by a neighbor when she was 15. The man accepted a plea bargain. He pled no contest and served 21 months of a 36 month sentence. Apparently, he experienced a jailhouse conversion while incarcerated. I just can’t. I’m not there.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      I’m praying for you in your deep pain. Hold on to God’s strong hand. He is with you.

  33. Peg Walden

    Wow! Praise God for forgiving “redeemed” hearts. Prayers that this man heard those words with his heart and not just his ears!

  34. Profile photo of CarrieAnn71272

    Powerful imagery!! Thank you for.blessing this woman and so many including myself!!

  35. Profile photo of Pamela

    So profound. This woman’s captor did not ask for her forgiveness…but she chose to grant it, and that choice sets her free. Day after day. 7 times 70, and then again. God’s forgiveness didn’t come when we asked Him…He forgave us in His blood, before we ever knew we needed it! He chose to do it, and His choice sets US free! What a perfect testimony to this problem of forgiving the unrepentant for the unforgivable!

  36. Debbie Sadler

    This song holds a special place in my heart. In December 2012 I had a stroke and was in the hospital. I usually always listen to christian music on the radio. I heard this song for the first time and it spoke to me from the depths of my soul. I can’t listen to it without it touching me. It is truly anointed by God. Thank you Big Daddy Weave for letting God use your talents for his glory!

  37. Deborah Treadway

    Thank you so much for the uplifting stories and songs. What a way to start a beautiful God given day!

  38. Darlene Roa

    The testomony about this woman has given me hope. The Lords power is real and alive! I need His resurrection power right now. Imagine if you were in the cell with this precious woman, watching her being hurt, but you weren’t hurt and you couldn’t do anything to stop it. This is what I have to forgive…Myself. But it’s hard to forgive yourself when you didn’t even do anything except for survive. BUT seeing how this woman has been healed brings me hope and encoureges me. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Dawn

    Powerful message….thank you