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Deuteronomy 31:8

8 Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.”

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Josh from The Afters has had a tough year. But one story of God’s presence in the midst of pain stands out. This is so cool…

He says, “We saw God work in some really incredible ways. Even seeing him and his fingerprints all over our lives, even in the midst of sadness. Our sound guy… he and his wife lost their daughter at birth. It was completely unexpected… Her name was Pieper…”

“We wrote a song… it’s called ‘Battles.’ And it’s about this very thing that God goes before us… that there’s nothing and that there’s nothing we’ll ever face in this life we can’t make it through with the power of God on our side.” You can listen to the song here!


Notes from the Beyond Suffering Bible

Christian Life – Life can be hard, and circumstances can be unflinchingly difficult. But just as God told Joshua, God tells us that we need not despair. God is with us and goes ahead of us in every danger and challenge we face. Nothing can take him by surprise or catch him off guard. What good news to know that God will never abandon those who trust in him alone!

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  1. Profile photo of Unathi

    Thank you for sharing. I can relate to going through a season of trials and suffering. It’s a comfort to know that God goes before me and He’s also my rear guard. He saw every possible end from the beginning and He has allowed these storms to come my way. He knew if I just put my trust in Him and don’t try to overcome on my own, that I would make it through stronger, more compassionate, and having a more developed faith in His love and care. He really does know what’s best for us. Sometimes we suffer because of our own poor choices. Sometimes we suffer because of the failings of others. Sometimes we suffer because it’s a fallen and broken world. But through Christ we can overcome all suffering. He knows all the possible outcomes. He knows the way through the darkest, stormy valley. We need to learn to trust His wise plan.

    Sometimes we learn that best by going through the hard times and experiencing His deliverance.

  2. Profile photo of Olawale

    Father thanks for always going ahead of me personally and for you always being with me, may your sweet Holyspirit keep me constant remainder of this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Profile photo of Roberta

    Gasp! Our Lord is such an amazing God. He wanted to reach that family and those parents especially-and did so half a world away. He is an AWESOME GOD in every sense and I am in awe.

  4. Scott

    Thanks be to God. For in his infinite mercy we can all be redeemed through the life death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who makes all things new. I thank you Lord for the wisdom and charity that is being shared through this group and pray that everyone in the world will come to the truth of your love and knowledge. Please grant all on this fourm to have the ability to be succumbed by your truth and healing. Lord Jesus we pray that the Father God the Creator will inform our conscience and grant us all that we need to be whole in His love and healing. Thank you Lord for the church you have given us and the promise that Jesus would be with it all days and hell would never prevail against it. In your beautiful name Lord Jesus we pray.
    1 Corinthians 12:28New International Version (NIV)

    28 And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping, of guidance, and of different kinds of tongues.

  5. Profile photo of T Swift

    What a great song! And what a great story! I love those moments when God shows us he is right there with us.

  6. Tmill

    Which is why I love Matt Redman’s
    Never Once
    Scars and struggles on the way
    But with joy our hearts can say
    Yes, our hearts can say
    Never once did we ever walk alone
    Never once did You leave us on our own
    You are faithful, God, You are faithful

  7. Profile photo of COMAMABEAR

    Spot on for what I’m going through right now. Thank you.

  8. Profile photo of Lauralee916

    The Lord truly is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. Thank you Lord Jesus for the great people Anthony and his wife have surrounding them, supporting them and lifting them up in troubled times. Father I pray that you continue to watch over Anthony and his wife, fill them with love and peace knowing that their precious baby girl is now with you and is being well taken care of and one day they will get the joy of meeting her. Lord Jesus thank you for all you are doing in their lives! In Jesus name, Amen!

  9. Profile photo of damarysv

    Thank you Father for going before me and fighting my battles

  10. Profile photo of Hestia Warren

    how powerful is DEUTERONOMY 31:8,what a verse to keep in mind for everyday. thank you for sharing.

  11. Lori

    So weird woke up singing Battles!
    The other song on this CD that helps me not to despair is Live Forever. My precious sister went to be with the Lord a little over 2 weeks ago. I played that song on repeat probably 50 times while she was passing away. Every time I hear it, I think she’s waiting for me, no longer sick with cancer, no longer afraid, telling me don’t be sad. I have a huge hole in this earthly heart, I miss her every day, but she’s Living Forever with our Savior so I try and not to be sad.💖

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Lori, we are so sorry for your loss. May you know and experience the comfort of God as you adjust to life here on earth without your precious sister.

    • Profile photo of Susan413

      Lori, I’ve had you on my daily prayer list since the 4th. I will continue to pray for the Lord to give you strength and fortitude as you honor your sister’s memory.

      (I have the strength for everything through Him who empowers me- Philippians 4:13)

  12. Cody Deno

    Having Muscular Dystrophy, I face battles every day. I know that I could not overcome these battles without God on my side. When I feel like I’m not going to make it through my struggles I ask God for help. I don’t always remember God in the midst of my struggles, a lot of times I dont, but God is always by my side.

  13. Profile photo of Catherine Waters

    Thank you for sharing! Great story that shows God’s amazing peace and comfort He can give us in difficult times.

  14. Profile photo of JennyChestnut

    It is so comforting to know that nothing in our lives is a surprise to Jesus. He has our back no matter what!!

  15. Kimberly

    I am in a season of irritation. has been the most difficult thing in my life. The career path I have chosen was something I have always wanted to do.. law enforcement upon graduating the police academy I felt such a sense of pride and accomplishment…and now after being in the field I have lost my passion for it. Believe it or not it isn’t the job it’s some of the people I am surrounded by and the negativity that has had me down hearted. I had a break down the other night with the Lord and He told me my unhappiness is because I have given people all the power instead recognizing His power. I have been trusting in people and looking at my circumstances instead of looking to God. I was wondering over the past few months if I would ever get the answer as to why He put me where I am when He knows how unhappy and how hurt the situation has made me. What lesson has He been trying to teach me? And why haven’t I been able to hear from Him? What have I been doing wrong? The answer was there all along and I’m praying that now I have felt God’s peace in this storm whenever I start to doubt myself and let my emotions start to takeover I remember to look to Him. ..not my circumstance, not the people, not how I feel. Our emotions lie to us. I knew I had all the reason in the world to be happy I have a healthy happy family, bills are paid, I have a home, and a job…but yet I wasn’t happy and that made me feel ungrateful and even tho we know none of us are worthy made me feel more unworthy of all His goodness. The Lord woke me up….sometimes we have to be broken all the way down to nothing for Him to build us up. In my head I had everything I had ever wanted or asked for and it felt too good to be true and then I was transferred to a position that I absolutely hate….and I kept saying why Lord why….everyday has been a battle to get through the day. Going to work and coming home going straight to bed everyday til my weekend was near. I had gotten to a point where although I didn’t forget about God and all He had blessed me with I was so happy that I had been putting Him on the back burner so to speak…I still am unhappy where I am but since He has spoken to me I have refound my strength in Him and my days are bearable because I know I’m not alone and the nasty/ mean people I have to deal with (and I don’t mean strangers) have no power over me….they only have the power if I give it to them…if I let what the say affect how my day goes. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. He will fight my battles I don’t have to. Casting Crowns song Just Be Held says it all for me. And I am thankful that I have surrendered myself, my emotions, my battles to Him and I can Just Be Held.

    • Kimberly

      I’m sorry if my story is confusing it’s obviously not in chronological order…lol. but basically I was happy in the beginning and then after a new appointment to a new operation I was unhappy and realized I had been putting g God on the back burner.

      • Profile photo of WAY-FM

        Kimberly, we are praying for you! All of us can relate to the “seasons of irritation” when it comes to work or home life. We’ll be praying that God opens up opportunities for you to have joy in each day and that he will be a covering in your interactions with co-workers.

        • Profile photo of Kimberly85

          Thank you so much! It was nice to be able to share my story and know someone out there listened and cares. ..still having a hard time but like you said praying for opportunities to arise and that ultimately I end up where He wants me because I can not do this alone. ..and right now it feels like the situation has control over me and I know better.

      • Teepee

        So thankful you have felt His Presence. The song you mentioned is so true. Your world’S not falling apart it’s falling into place….just be held. He is going to do amazing things. Praying for you.

        • Profile photo of Kimberly85

          Thank you TeePee…it felt good to feel His presence….that’s my favorite part of that song…I was just replaying it over and over and over…and prayed…I feel so alone where I am and it’s hard. I was just praying today God I know you made me for more than this …the position I am in now staring at walls all day listening to the negativity and sarcasm. I feel like I am the mouse and all these cats are waiting to pounce the second I do or don’t do something. They are so miserable and disgruntled…and I have to fight the spiritual battle everyday like you wouldn’t believe to hold onto His peace. It’s very hard..

  16. Lysa Robb

    Trials as these, put perspective on our own.

  17. Profile photo of Lysa

    Trials as these, put perspective on our own…He only gives us what we can handle

  18. Profile photo of Joe Bremer

    It is a comforting thought for me to think of God as my armor in every battle.

  19. Profile photo of Stephannie

    What a testament to Gods constant faithfulness!! It also goes to show that in the middle of tragedy and tough times we really should try to keep our eyes open ,as hard as it is, to see Gods handprints in our lives through these times. Thank God for friend who help us as well to see past our troubles and share in these wonderful moments!

  20. Profile photo of amanda

    Thank you for sharing and writing “Battles”. The song speaks volumes to me.

    I always have the hardest time letting go and letting God take it. I know he has it but I always (in the back on my mind) think I can do it. There are days I feel so broken. I just want God to fix it and Fix me. Anyone ever have those days?

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Amanda, yes all the time! It’s those days when I have on repeat in my heart and mind Philippians 1:6 – what God began in us he WILL finish, I can trust him to complete the work he began. Praying for you!

  21. Profile photo of Big Country

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. But God is still running ahead. The hardest part about going through these times is we don’t see the end result. It’s the fact we are not in control and therefore need to put our trust in something other than ourselves which is God. God has done wondrous things in my family despite the heartache’s we have gone through in recent years.

  22. Linda

    My go to song in times of trial and difficulties is The Afters Broken Hallelujah. This song will be right there with it. I use songs such as these and pray through them for people in need of healing, comfort, encouragement, hope, etc. I have seen God there for me in several situations, and I know for sure we are never alone. He is our next breath.

    • Teepee

      God is so good. Oh how He blesses us and shows us His love. What a wonderful testament to His lovingkindness….letting them know Piper is sharing in His heavenly hospitality. It makes me think of Is.49:15-16. He says, “I will not forget you. You are engraved on the palms of my hands.”

  23. oldman (my username)

    I am so sorry for your loss. May our loving, compassionate Lord comfort you and give you His perfect peace.

  24. Robbie P.

    Wow that was great! Amazing!

  25. Profile photo of Cheryl

    Love hearing stories of God moments. Thanks for sharing Josh

  26. Profile photo of kkoerner

    I lost my son of 21 to a disease connected to Leukemia called Graff vs. Host 4 years ago. This song is healing. thank you for sharing.

  27. Janna

    Thank you so much for sharing this! ❤️ Over two years ago, my husband decided to leave me and file for divorce, the month before that my youngest daughter “ran away and joined the circus”, no lie! With my permission, however. Then my son went off to college. That left me to care for my oldest daughter who had Cerebral Palsy, and my dog. Within a couple of months my dog died! My oldest daughter and I went to visit her sister and when we returned she fell ill with the flu, it turned into pneumonia and within five days, my precious twenty four year old daughter was in the arms of Jesus!

    I was left alone, going through a horrible divorce, forced to sell my house, which is still on the market, and just Saturday, while I was out of town, my trees caught on fire! I’ve had two air conditioning units needing repairs, I can’t seem to catch a break! However, my God is an awesome God and I DO see his fingerprints and his loving arms all around me! I know that he IS fighting my battles and the enemy has already been defeated!

  28. Profile photo of Erin

    God is truly amazing in his works. My husband and I recently lost our first born son shortly after delivery. We are definitely going through a lot in this season of trials and suffering. In the past six months we have really learned from this experience. God has shown us many signs just like He did with Pieper’s parents. It is amazing what God shows you when you simply slow down your every day life. I know that while we wait in this time of trial, God is turning something beautiful from our pain. Thank you for doing this study. Each day has allowed my husband and I to grow closer as a couple and closer in our relationship with Christ, and to better understand God’s plan on our life. 🙂

    • Teepee

      Amen. Praying for comfort as you work through your loss.

  29. Profile photo of RLynn79

    My 5 year old was killed by a driver high on heroin 2.5 years ago (4/17/14)…..I keep looking for peace and healing. I struggle with feeling God was there or that prayer works…..if his days were numbered when he was born, why pray for healing? Our church filled the waiting room at the hospital, but he died. I struggled for 2.5 years before I became pregnant with him only to lose him at 5. My 3 and 9 year olds along with my husband witnessed it all. I once heard a sermon to just keep trying Jesus, fake it till you make it mentality…..Ive never quit going to church. My kids would live there if they could…..I just have soooo many questions these days.

    • Profile photo of Ashley


      I am praying that he will answer all your questions soon. I believe today’s passage and videos was much needed for you to hear! God is always there through everything. I hope things get better!

  30. Profile photo of chauser

    This story brought tears to my husband and my eyes. God is present and does go before us in our trials. Years ago, I suffered four miscarriages between our two boys, and was only able to have our sons through fertility treatments. I remember one particular night lying in bed beside my husband; I had just miscarried for the fourth time. My husband quietly asked me, “How can I pray for you?” I had been studying about Rachel in the Bible who was suffering from barrenness and how she felt forgotten by God. After mentioning this to my husband, he quietly prayed over me, that I would not feel forgotten by the Lord, that I would feel His presence. The following morning, I routinely flipped a page on a little calendar that I had received from a friend. It featured a daily verse or inspiration. When I read the verse for the morning, I was in tears but also in awe of my Lord, because this is what was written: “I will not forget you. See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands.” Isaiah 49:15, 16. Never forget that He is there!

    • Teepee

      Amen. He loves you and your family so much. He has not forgotten you. He will get you through this difficult time. Praying for peace and comfort that can only come through Him.

  31. Bernice Smith

    What an awesome story. 😢 Thank you so much for sharing.

  32. Profile photo of gina

    I love this song,and story. We will never know why tragedy happens in this life. We lose people we love,sickness, war, crime etc. This is a fallen world,this is not what God wanted for us and he will fix it one day, but during our trials he wants us to look to him, rely upon him, trust that he will stand before you and comfort you. That your suffering brings him glory and he shows his mercy on us. When we suffer and cry so does Jesus. I lost someone I loved a few months ago and would have never made it without my Lord by my side.

    • Profile photo of Patti

      Gina, I’m sorry for your loss and struggles. I’m praying for you now!

      • Profile photo of gina

        Thank you Patti, let me know how I can pray for you. So much power in prayer.

        • Profile photo of gina

          I need this Bible too Patti.!!!

  33. Profile photo of Patti

    My goodness! I need this bible! How powerful this message is!! Thank you!

  34. Profile photo of cfowler

    I loved this testimony. God is so good to us

  35. Profile photo of Susan

    God at work! How encouraging in suffering. Thanks for Pieper’s story.

  36. Lisa

    Thank you for sharing this story. It makes me think of my Aunt who three years ago lost two adult children within six weeks. One of the children, her son, had lived with her his whole life, was never married or had children. She was left to go home to an empty apt and being the strong Christian woman she is survived and is still going strong today. She is an amazing, loving, caring woman. Just felt to share this story. Prayers for all.

  37. taad


  38. Profile photo of Tami Bailey

    The testimony of God’s intimate love for Pieper, her family & their friends gave me big goosebumps! Having recently begun emerging from one of the most difficult, darkest times of my life thus far, I can honestly say that had the song “Battles” been available sooner, it would have been on my repeat “Coping” playlist on iTunes. Thank you for sharing God’s Pieper Love Story & for being real in your music.

  39. Profile photo of Missy P

    This is so true. My girlfriend and I were talking about how difficult Christian life is. We know as Christian’s, we are called to long-suffering. We can expect this because we represent God’s goodness, which the enemy hates, so we will be bullied. However, if we remain faithful, we will reap the benefits in heaven, not on earth, which is what our faith and hope is built on.

  40. Profile photo of MISSBee

    Wow! God is so amazing! We can’t even comprehend………

  41. Profile photo of pmccoy68

    Thank you for this verse and for the reminder that God is there every day leading us through those battles.

  42. Profile photo of Lgalo21

    what an amazing story and powerful song!

  43. Melinda


  44. Dori

    Thank you for this video. I’m going through a divorce after49 yrs of marriage and the seperation has been 4 yrs. when I hear a story like this it reminds me of how many times I’ve had S God moment in my struggles! Praises his Holy Name for He goes before us in our battles!! Amen

  45. Profile photo of Skgeorge

    That was an amazing story! God is with us always!

  46. Barbara Allison

    Good message. I need to remember that God is before me and with me in every battle.