Read (from the New Living Translation)

Psalm 42:1-6

1As the deer longs for streams of water,
so I long for you, O God.

2 I thirst for God, the living God.
When can I go and stand before him?

3 Day and night I have only tears for food,
while my enemies continually taunt me, saying,
“Where is this God of yours?”

4 My heart is breaking
as I remember how it used to be:
I walked among the crowds of worshipers,
leading a great procession to the house of God,
singing for joy and giving thanks
amid the sound of a great celebration!

5 Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again—
my Savior and 6 my God!
Now I am deeply discouraged,
but I will remember you—
even from distant Mount Hermon, the source of the Jordan,
from the land of Mount Mizar.

Go Deep

With a name like “Joy” – depression was never something Joy Summers thought would be part of her story. But it is. Joy opens up about her struggle and the ways she has learned to overcome it in today’s video.


Joy explains her story and process of dealing with depression, then says, “… The key part for me, had to do with my walk with God… That’s when I turned to the Psalms. I think if anyone in the Bible dealt with depression, it was David… David is telling his emotions the truth even when he’s not feeling it.

So, when I was feeling like God completely abandoned me, I had to tell myself, “You’re gonna put your hope in God” because I knew that was true even when I wasn’t feeling it. And now that I’m healthier and on the other side of it, I see that God never left my side. Those were lies that I started to believe… And like David, I want to continue to remind myself to put my hope in God because He’s not going to fail me even when I’m struggling with depression.”

Notes from the Beyond Suffering Bible

Direct Your Longings to God – When suffering is extended or severe, we yearn for the past—a time when the pain wasn’t so intense, relationships were whole, and the future seemed bright. But dwelling on the past only brings discouragement. Instead, we can learn to redirect our passions and longings toward the God who is able to give us what we need most: hope.

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  1. Profile photo of Unathi

    Thank you, Joy, for sharing your testimony. I find myself telling myself, “No matter what, God is faithful”. Sometimes I’m bawling my eyes out when I say it, but you’re right, and David was right: I’ve got to choose to put my hope in God. After all, He’s not failed me even through the worst of times. And He’s bigger.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Sounds like you really get it! Reminding yourself of the truth… even when you don’t feel it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Profile photo of Joy Summers

      So proud of you for still reminding yourself of the truth even when it’s hard!

  2. Profile photo of jackhlong

    Thanks for sharing Joy. Most times, we only see the “professional” side of life and we need those friends to be real with us about how we are going through life. We need the truth, we need comfort, but most of all, we need to realize God is our strength when we have none. I’m so thankful God does not change and loves me no matter what.

    • Profile photo of Shannaw Martin

      Amen!! Thank you Joy! I have struggled with depression for many years and didn’t want help. Did all the wrong things and fell deeper in. I believed God could help “important” people but I wasn’t one of them. I was exposed to something early in life and it sent me into a “fairy tale life”. So, balancing my real life and my fairy tale life without anyone noticing was a daily thing. When I first was introduced to Jesus the fairy tale life went away for awhile. I had joy in my life again! I was learning the truth finally that someone loved me and I was important. I married early and had my 1st child out of wed lock, to a not so loving husband. He didn’t go to church with us and found ways to make us feel like we were doing something wrong every time we left without him. As life went on I found the “fairy tale” starting to take over. I still continued to maintain life without anyone knowing but depression took a hold of my life.
      I told myself lies about myself and I believed them for years! Poisoned my soul!!
      And then every thing feel apart!! I got really sick! Modern leprosy!! I ended up losing everything: my health, my job, & later…my husband decided that I was faking and kicked me out, so then I lost my home and my 3 kids.
      I re-dedicated my life back to Jesus & decided to do things differently. I went back to church and I got involved in a local maximized living doctor & started getting better physically, emotionally & spiritually! I realized that I was cursing myself into sickness with my words! So I filled my head with good thoughts…the Bible is filled with them so I had plenty to fill my mind!! I found that Joy filled my life even though my life was falling apart. I found hope in my saviour, our joy comes from Jesus…I cannot by myself. The best thing for depression is to fill your mind with the truth!! Say it loud and proud because you are worth it!! Today I am remarried to a wonderful christian man. I still struggle with my ex and his ways of thinking about my children and God but I am confident that the Lord will work everything out for good! God’s GRACE is all I need!! Thank you. P.S. I am finally seeking christian counseling and look forward to the future!

  3. Profile photo of T Swift

    This is such an important topic to talk about! I agree that we have to remind ourselves of the truth, even when we don’t believe it. I feel like those lies are so insidious and they creep in without me realizing it and brainwash me into believing them (when Joy says that the lies say you’re too much and at the same time not enough… exactly that!). I have to make the conscious effort to do “reverse brainwash” and bathe myself in the truth. Sometimes I don’t do that, which is why I’m loving this World’s Biggest Smallgroup!

    Since September was Suicide Awareness month, I wrote on this topic of depression for my church blog. I love the story of Joseph, and how blessing can be right around the corner, so don’t despair! The link is here, if anyone wants to read it:

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      So good. Thank you for sharing!! So glad you’re part of the group.

      Just FYI, if you’re ever interested in guest blogging about these topics, we do take submissions at

      • Profile photo of T Swift

        Wow, that’s cool! I will check that out!

    • Lynn

      I, too, have suffered with depression – probably all my life. I was diagnosed in my twenties. I cope by staying focused on the Lord, talking and processing with fellow Christians, and by taking a prescribed antidepressant.
      Just today, before I read today’s posting, I replied to a text from a friend and told her that I have been fighting discouragement. I haven’t been gainfully employed in almost a year and my savings are almost exhausted. I am sitting for an elderly couple but I do not earn enough to cover all my expenses.
      Today’s scripture reading, Joy’s testimony, and your blog were God sent. I am NOT alone. He has NOT forgotten me. I WILL put my trust in Him.
      Thanks for sharing and for making the decision that life is worth living until the Lord calls you home.

      • Profile photo of Joy Summers

        So glad this was timely and what you needed! Sometimes God can speak to us through anything and I’m glad you were encouraged by a reminder that God is faithful!

      • Claudia

        Thank you for sharing.

      • Claudia

        Lynn, thank you for sharing. I, too, trust in the Lord and take medication.

  4. Profile photo of Heidi W.

    Love this!! Needed this message today! Thank you! Amen!!

  5. Cat

    Thank you for sharing! Depression is one area of my life that I continually hide from everyone- family, friends, co-workers, end even doctors. It is hard work at times. I know God is faithful and will pull me through it one day, but it has been a struggle for a long time. It is good to hear and know that others have made it to the other side. It gives me hope. Thank you!

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      So so glad this encouraged you! Sometimes, like in Joy’s story, that one trusted friend and someone like a counselor or doctor can help you figure out a plan to overcome it. Everyone’s story is a little different. In the end, you’re exactly right – God is so faithful and is with you every single step of the way – even when you don’t feel it! Thanks for sharing, Cat. Glad you’re part of the group!

    • Lori

      You’re worth helping.
      It’s o.k. to ask for and get help.

    • Profile photo of Joy Summers

      I get it Cat. I tried to hide it for a long time too but that didn’t help me at all. Talking about it with a few trusted people at first was so helpful. Seeing a Christian counselor and talking to my dr is what really kick started my healing process. I encourage you to start talking to those you trust about your struggle. Things hidden in secret can hold power over us when God desires that we be free!

  6. Profile photo of Asher

    I agree that dwelling and wallowing in the past can bring discouragement (from the Beyond Suffering Bible notes), but I find that looking back on the times God has pulled us through other challenging times actually brings hope during suffering. So thank you for sharing your story and bringing us hope, Joy!

    • Profile photo of Kelly

      Agreed – sometimes looking back to His faithfulness through the years is what pulls me through. Thank you for sharing.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      You’re right on! I think there’s a big difference between dwelling on the negatives of the past and reminding yourself of the faithfulness of God in the past. David definitely does that throughout the Psalms. So cool.

  7. Charmell Carr

    It can be really difficult not to go on feelings and not to believe some of those lies when having been raised in a home where you’re told you’re not good enough and will never amount to anything. I know God has plans for my future and He gives me hope in Him to let Him take control. My mantra: God’s got this.

    • Yvonne

      Thank you for sharing Charmell. I also came from a home where I was told the same things so I know what you have experienced in that regard. For years I believed God had the power to do anything, but not for me because I didn’t rate his help. I know now how wrong I was to believe those lies, but it is an everyday struggle to remind myself of my importance to God. I also struggle with depression and have gotten help for it, which does not diminish God’s power, it just helps me to keep my thoughts on Him instead of the negatives. My strength comes from the Lord, His grace is sufficient for me. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. These are the truths that I claim for myself. I am praying for you!

  8. Profile photo of SEATON27

    thank you Joy, I think that line that I love the most was “I was too much, and not enough at the same time” I feel that every day!! Thank you again!

  9. Margaret Rice

    Hello, yes I know depression and yes this is me for way too long! I am tired of being depressed just so tired. Since the death of my only son ( a long time ago) I am just not my self and NEVER will be, I miss him with all of my being. My only hope is in God and I know I need to trust him more. Thank you Joy for sharing your story. Please pray for other parents who has lost a child.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Margaret – thanks for sharing! Praying for you, your family, and other parents who have lost a child today. I love your heart. Even though things are hard, you’re still thinking of others.

  10. Profile photo of Ann

    I relate to this so much. Even at this moment I am going through more than I feel I can handle. So I am crying out to God and praying for help.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Glad you’re part of this group, Ann! Praying for you today.

    • Profile photo of T Swift

      Always remember that when it’s more than you can handle, it’s never more than God can handle. Hugs!

  11. Profile photo of Pam

    Thank you Joy, this was exactly what I needed today!

  12. Sandie

    Separating emotions/how we feel from the Truth is sooo difficult. We’re always told by society to “follow your heart”, or “trust your gut”, but we always have to weigh those things against the truth of the word. Thanks for sharing, Joy! I’m betting you helped a lot of people today! <3

  13. Profile photo of Lysa

    Putting my hope in His will allows me to get through difficult times much easier:)

  14. Bernice Smith


  15. Profile photo of Ann

    Also, thank you Joy for sharing your story. Listening to you I kept thinking “me too” and “yes”. Lately, I feel like I’m stuck in a boxing ring getting hit from all sides and can’t get up, can’t catch my breath. Every time I stand up for myself against “attacks” I get hit harder and by more people. I feel like I’m drowning but I pray. I read God’s word. I cry to God. Thank you for allowing me to feel I’m not alone.

  16. Profile photo of Kelly

    Thank you Joy! I am encouraged by your testimony.

  17. Profile photo of MishiBrozen

    Thank you for sharing, I am dealing with an injury at this time. I have been struggling for months and am going to have to have another surgery and I find myself in a time of depression more often then not. This was a very encouraging word. Remembering to praise at all time and not to dwell on the struggles. Just the reminder I needed.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Thanks for writing. We are praying for you.

  18. Gina Mitchell

    Thank you Joy for sharing your story. This is so true !!!! We buy into the lies the enemy is telling us & we forget the truths we know from God.

  19. Profile photo of Aaron R.

    Thank you for encouraging me even though you don’t even know me. I am beginning the process of seeking counseling and working with my doctor to control my anxiety, and to hear that it is okay that I am doing that is very encouraging. I know I am learning things just like you said “are hard lessons I need to learn”, and I will come out on the other side a better person for it. Thank you Joy for being courageous enough to share a bit of your story, and encouraging others through it.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      That’s amazing that you’re surrounding yourself with a good team and taking these steps to work through it. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story – that encourages us! You are definitely not alone.

  20. Jodie

    Thank you Joy for your candor and willingness to talk about something that has become an almost taboo subject. I have dealt with depression, and I think a lot more people than anyone realizes have dealt with or are dealing with depression, but have learned to hide it. We live in an image-driven society, where how we present ourselves becomes sadly, more important than who we are and how we’re really doing not only to ourselves but those around us. I have noticed that our modern society does not tolerate open “negative” emotions like those David expressed very easily, so it’s hard to know who to talk to or where to turn when others seem to only want to hear about the good and be entertained by each other. You sought and found the answers – seeking God’s love and truth, which destroy fear and restore broken hearts, and finding people who would listen and really be there for you, even in the rough times. Thank you for your encouragement to others who are going through depression.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      I’m thankful for Joy, too! The way she honestly shared her story and the hope we gain from it – it’s awesome. Thanks for comment and the encouragement, Jodie.

    • Karla

      Thank you so much for this comment! It mirrors so many out my own thoughts, but you expressed it so beautifully.

  21. Profile photo of CarrieAnn71272

    I fell into a struggle with depression 2 yrs ago. I almost died. After, because I have chronic pain from 17 surgeries and Fibromyalgia I was not only depressed but tearfully angery with God. Why? Because He didn’t take me home. 9 months previous my 25yrs old cousin died from an accidental over dose from pain meds due to RSD. I was 42. Why wasn’t God ready for me yet? I struggled daily with severe pain, and literally clawing myself out of a huge hole of depression. In addition moments of rage towards God allowing me to continue to suffer and deep shame and sorrow from “not being enough” for God to take me home. 2 yrs later, I am still in severe pain. However, God has surrounded me with an amazing church family that has helped me grow tremendously towards God and releasing so much of my past that caused my physical limitations. I do still look forward to the day I get to go home…but now, I’m growing continually closer to God and helping others see what a beautiful relationship you can have with Christ…here on Earth.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Wow, what a beautiful story. Truly, thank you for sharing. God is clearly at work in your life, even in the middle of the suffering.

    • Karla

      You are so brave! Thank you for sharing part of your painful story and journey of healing and faith. During similar circumstances, I found comfort in reading many of Paul’s words as he suffered with his pain. I knew then that I wasn’t alone. I am glad you have found a support group in your church and here. You are meant for something good!

  22. Juanita

    That was fantastic Joy thank you for sharing the truth that some of us are saying to share I love that no matter what you put your faith in God

  23. HES

    Whenever I am going through a rough time, I always remind myself of two things: ‘This too shall pass’ and ‘God is still in control’. The first couple of times I did this, it wasn’t until afterwords that I could really tell it was true. Now that I have seen it in the past all I have to do is remind myself and I am instantly comforted.

  24. Robbie P.

    Joy brings up a good point about David possibly being depressed. I also like how she talked about her walk with God. I have had low times in my life, but I know He has never left me. I may have veered off the path, but He hadn’t. I want my walk with God to be strong. I love Him so much. I constantly need to work on my walk with Him.

  25. Profile photo of Samantha

    I, myself, have dealt with clinical and situational depression off and on since I was a young teenager. As a child, my family went to church fairly often. But my parents got divorced when I was about 12 or 13 years old and we stopped going to church. I didn’t really understand who God was at that point in my life, but I did struggle to maintain any sort of faith in Him because I thought He had abandoned me. I became very depressed and even self-harmed all throughout middle school, high school, and even into my first year of college. I experienced tragedy like I could never have imagined at 21 years old…and I was sure that was going to be the event to make me end it all. Instead I turned to the Lord. Yes, I was mad at Him…even stopped believing in His existence for nearly a year…but I eventually came back to Him to find rest and eventually strength to get through that dark time in my life.
    I still experience bouts of depression…sometimes because of a situation in my life or some days I wake up wanting to disappear from the world for no particular reason at all. It’s in those moments that I’ve learned to hold tightest to my faith in the Lord. He loves us, will never abandon us, and will always carry us through the darkness.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Sounds like you get it, Samantha! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging us today.

  26. Kelly Freestone

    My friend and I were doing a Psalm a day. At the same time, I dealt with depression. I had just had my daughter, and felt so anxious and hopleless. I sat down on my carport, baby in the bumbo and I literally cried out psalm 27 to God.
    I felt like I was drowning in the enemies lies, verses 1-3 were my cry. “…even if I’m attacked I will not be afraid…”
    I was so afraid to be the mom that went crazy! Seems silly now, but I knew I was headed there! Verses 4-6 were my cry. “…the one thing I ask of the LORD…is to live in the house of the LORD all the days of my life…”
    I longed for peace with my Savior, to just hear TRUTH! Verses 7-10 were my cry. “…my heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me’…don’t leave me now'”.
    I needed Him to stand me back up, to help me, to guide me by the hand, verses 11-13 were my cry. …”Teach me how to live, O LORD…do not let me fall into their hands…”
    And verse 14. Wow. Verse 14.
    “Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave ad courageous. Yes! wait patiently for the LORD.”
    It was a struggle, but the Voice of Truth became real again.
    He is amazing. I’m so glad He helped you overcome as well, Joy!

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Powerful powerful words. Good is good! Thank you for sharing, Kelly!

    • Kay

      Kelly, I love the way you used this psalm to give words to your heart’s cries. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  27. Profile photo of Debbie Bluestone

    that was lovely Joy. You are so fun to listen to daily and this was another side that the casual listener doesn’t see. He is by your side and He is already there. Thank you for being bold enough to share your struggles and doubts. There is a person in all of our lives (if it isn’t ourselves) that struggles daily. Your reminder was a blessing

  28. Profile photo of JennyChestnut

    The Psalms give such a sense of peace! Thank you for sharing your story, Joy!!!

  29. Profile photo of Kdizne


    Thank you for sharing your story and your hope!!!


  30. Profile photo of Jstnthrgal

    Today’s notes from the Beyond Suffering Bible really hit home. When it is talking about yearning for the past — a time when the pain wasn’t so intense, relationships were whole, and the future seemed bright. I find myself doing that quite often this past year. My mom passed almost two years ago, my husband has been without a job most of a year, and I find myself looking back to when I was younger and had my life planned out and look around and of course nothing is as I had it planned. My husband is not a believer, and actually has a negative attitude about most of life. He of course says he isn’t negative he is realistic. I pray daily that he will come to know the Lord so that we can walk together.

    This series has been very enlightening and comforting to know that I truly am not alone in my daily struggles. Not only is God there, but many of ya all are going through things that are trying to bring you down as well.

    • Profile photo of Patti

      I’m praying for you and standing in agreeement that blessings are on the horizon! I’m a single mom and lost my job while pregnant with my last child. For a year I was unable to find work. I can look back now and see all of Gods provisions. The day I had my son I also was offered my dream job! Everything fell perfectly in place. And it will for you too. If Won’t bring your sweet mom back but maybe you can find peace in her passing.

    • Cody Deno

      I will be praying for you too.

  31. Profile photo of Patti

    Thank you for sharing your heart! I have been hit with deiessuin too. This message meant so much to me today! I’m digging in the psalms now!

  32. Profile photo of Alileffall96

    Thanks that is such a powerful psalm and I have recently gone through one of those deep depressions and that psalm is an amazing truth that even when we don’t feel like worshipping its still the better choice and just like David I’m going to put my hope in God because he is my savior and my God.

  33. Profile photo of TriniluvPack

    Thank you Joy for sharing your story. That part about focusing on the past and how that can lead to discouragement, wow, what an eye opener. I never thought about it that way. Just keep my focus on God to receive the hope that he provides that I need to keep going.

  34. Profile photo of Kari

    Thank you Joy for sharing your struggle with depression. It is one of those things that I don’t think people can truly understand unless they themselves have gone through it. God is faithful even when we aren’t “feeling it”. On days when I struggle I find myself finishing every sentence and every thing that I am doing with the statement “God is good”. It just helps allow me to remember that He is always lifting me, especially when I cannot lift myself.

  35. Profile photo of Tinaab

    This resonates with me I know people dealing with inter pain they seem mired in the past my words to them are these If you spend all your time looking in the rearview mirror while trying to move forward you are bound to crash A few
    Things you will find
    1 you will never be able to get back there
    2 you will end up lost your driving blind looking at what was not at what is
    3 You will miss seeing all the opportunity and the joy that is around you or, just up ahead
    Life has no reverse it will continue to move forward. You can choose to let it move around you and push you as you spin with no Direction and no firm ground. You can also choose to grab a hold of the present to dig down and yes sometimes you have to dig deep for that thread of Hope and hold on to it and find those moments goodness that are around you or just up ahead.
    These bits of advise my little motivational view I have shared many times but not till today did I really think about how this applies to me. We all have pain and suffer at some point. I never like pain but it makes me aware and appreciate what I have and sometimes what I had and I’ve lost. For me at this time in my life I’m not going through any deep physical pain yet I don’t feel as spiritually close to God and I have my belief and my love are still there but at some emotional level I just feel a little bit of a gap and I keep looking at where I had been and keep comparing that to exactly how my feelings are now when in truth if I follow the advice that I’ve given friends then it’s not about where I was is where I am and where I want to be at Making those decisions those choices using that Faith to get to where I want to be where I need to be
    So after this very windy comment I want to say thank you

  36. Cody Deno

    I suffer from depression too. By God’s grace and help from my counselor, I overcame my depression and feelings of worthlessness, but it really grabbed a hold of me for 2-3 months. It was all triggered by a girl at my school named Sierra who took her life after being constantly bullied. I didn’t know her, but it still broke my heart and made me very sad that people can be so mean.

    Above I said that I SUFFER from depression because even though I am not depressed now I believe it will be something that I continue to deal with all my life. But I know that God is with me, and He will help me get through anything.

  37. Profile photo of jsmith279

    I do the same thing Joy does, if I can make it to the car I allow myself to break down in the car. But NOWHERE else.

  38. Profile photo of Stephannie

    I have never dealt with depression, until this past year. After becoming very sick and spending a lot of time in the hospital, I came home and couldn’t seem to snap out of it! I have three children and a husband, my mother even came to stay, but yet I felt so alone. I’m thankful that it’s past and I’m slowly coming out of the valley. I find today’s study to be extremely relevant to my life. It’s true the most important thing is to press on and worship even when you don’t feel it.sometimes just holding on to the memories and your life where you know God made himself known. Those are the things I found myself doing, remembering how God is been good in the past, and allowing my faith to reassure me that God will prove himself good even in my future. Moses even have to do that with the Israelites, I’m pretty sure Joshua did too! Remember! Remember when God brought you out of the wilderness!!

  39. Katie

    Psalms is one of my favorite places to turn to in times of need! My family has been struggling alot with some things and i always am comforted by the words of David and how he took suffering and replaced it with something beautiful! Thank you Joy for your testimony may God continue to bless you!

  40. Joni DeBord

    One thing we surely all need is HOPE! Only in God can we find hope. Always. I have pain in my body all of the time. Sometimes it wakes me in the night and keeps me up. Pain has robbed me in many ways and because all of the reasons for my pain have not been discovered and no treatment brings much or lasting relief, I have to cling to Jesus often and to the hope that he alone can give.

  41. Profile photo of stanfieg

    Thanks Joy. I too suffer from depression. It hit me the hardest when I was 39. I called it my zombie time. I was the father of 2 boys (10 & 8). Divorced, with full custody. I went to counseling, and medications. It still took me almost a year to get over it. I have had several bouts with major depression since, (I am 60 now). My problem is it never totally goes away. I am a catholic, I am very involved with church. I have been on team for 7 ACTS retreats. I pray daily, say the rosary with group at church 2 or 3 times a week. My son has become a heroine addict. I have tried for a year to help, support him. But all I do is support his habit. I have done the hardest thing I have ever done. I have turned my back on him. No more support. I have heard of tough love. But really didn’t know it was this TOUGH. So I struggle every day with, OD, Prison, or suicide. I have given him to God to handle, but I don’t think my son hears him. The demon has a full grip on him… I AM LOST
    Sorry I rambled so long, Love your show with Carlos. You guys are the best.
    Your brother in Christ
    Gary Stanfield

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Thanks for being vulnerable and honest. We are praying for you today.

  42. Profile photo of Sherry

    I’ve always struggled with depression ie(chemical imbalance), it’s tough when you don’t know really why your feeling the way you do, certainly if nothing has happened. I find it helpful to spend some quite time alone and talk to God. I really need to spend some time in Psalms, I’m not a huge reading fan, but I really like this verse. Thanks for sharing your testimony.

  43. Profile photo of cdm6566

    Joy gives one of the Bible’s best examples of how an individual dealt with depression. David is describes as a “man after God’s Own Heart”, and some might not expect David to be depressed, but as seen in Psalm 42:1-6, he definitely dealt with depression. I believe this is one of the purposes of God’s word, for God to show us how we should realize that people all throughout history have gone through depression, and how He (God) has always brought His children through. I find that bringing my focus back onto my Heavenly Father and drawing near to Him helps in those times of need. Philippians 4:4-9 is a good place to start –

    “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. 5 Let your reasonableness[d] be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; 6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. 9 What you have learned[e] and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.” (ESV)

    Paul say “Rejoice in the Lord always…” and in your time of need you most likely will not feel like rejoicing, nor see what there is to rejoice about. But the fact that you have a MIGHTY Savior that loves you more than you can ever know (while on earth), should be your starting point for rejoicing.

    Look for the promises of God, end begin to rejoice always…

    God Bless you and He is ALWAYS with you.

  44. Conney Dahn

    Thank you for sharing! My daughter is 37 years old and has intellectual disabilities. She is beautiful and is a blessing from God! Last November she started having hallucinations.One morning as I was preparing for my very early run i heard what I thought was rain. I realized the door was open and checked Katy’s room. She was gone! She has never done anything like this before. I had to call 911 and they found her in the wetlands behind our house. I know God laid her down and put his angles around her to protect her until she was found. Because she has intellectual disabilities and is non verbal no one knew what to do. I finally took her to a psychiatrist in December after 2 hospital stays. This doctor drugged her till she could not even walk. She lost all of her self help skills and was a mess! Through some friends God gave me the name of another doctor that sees many children and adults with disabilities. He has helped us tremendously but she is still not herself. Our hope is in God and I will never give up praying for her full recovery! I look back over the months when things were so bad and see dark BUT I also see the light of Jesus as he has brought us through so much. We hold on to Him everyday. When I hear stories like yours it gives us more hope that God will touch her and she will be healed. We listen to your radio show everyday on the way home from work. Thanks again for sharing! God has helped someone else through your being transparent.
    Conney Dahn

  45. Profile photo of Becky Wolberg

    Walking thru what I am experiencing now I know God is with me but I still ache for relief.. That relief I had before my life changed on a dime. I wrestle with the fact that God is there but what, when, and where this will end and I can be happy again.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Thanks for the note, Becky. We are praying for you today.

  46. Profile photo of Chip

    Joy i know how hard it is to admit & even ask for help. So THANK YOU for sharing your story. I feel my entire life has been taken from me. My wife told me in January she no longer loves me. I have been married for 15 years and now i am all alone. I also found out this month i have Lupus & might have heart problems. I pray every night & every morning for God to end my suffering. I am not suicidal but i no longer want to be here. Between the feeling of not being loved & the day long pain i go threw I just wish God would bring me home.I have talked to people about the way i feel & they now treat me differently. Making me feel even more alone. People tell me i will meet another woman but I love my wife so much that i cannot even think of other women. I just try to get by day to day or hour to hour and wait to see what God has in store for me.

  47. Profile photo of Teresa Stephens

    Thank You Joy! I too have struggled with depression and never thought it would be part of my story! Very recently! Satan fired a missile at my marriage and it was a “hit”. The depression I’ve felt is completely overwhelming and foreign to me! “Too much and not enough at the same time!” I so understand that statement! god bless you Joy, and WAY FM and every hungry soul!

  48. Profile photo of laurat93

    Thank you for talking about depression. I was a prisoner to this disease for 11 years. I was so far gone that for me taking my own life wan’t a matter of ‘if’ but when. I saw no future and the past was a blur. I couldn’t remember who I was before depression struck, I just knew that “That Me” was gone and I didn’t know how to get her back, I had not turned to God because why would he want to help someone who didn’t want this life anymore. He’d given me so much and I could no longer see it. Until one day last September. I was jogging to help ease the symptoms of my depression. For some reason had switched my radio over to Way FM. (Until then, I never knew it existed) After about a week of running and listening to Way FM, I proclaimed that my jogging time would no longer be about me easing pain but my quite time to glorify God. Mid-run the song ‘Redeemed’ (Big Daddy Weave) played and it literally brought me to my knees. “Stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.” I was reminded that I am a child of God and that depression didn’t have a hold on me, I had a hold on it and it was time to let go. From that moment on, depression is ‘what happened to me’, not who I am. A year later I have discovered the experience has opened me up to talk others who are on that same path. And yes, I still have a very hard time talking about it but dark places are scary and revisiting them can be painful. We all go through a storm to come out stronger and help others who are in the midst of their own storm. God Bless you.

  49. Profile photo of susieqgray

    Sometimes, in my deepest heartache, I lift my hands to Heaven,and in the mist of my tears and pain I say,”I trust you God, you are a good Father,full of mercy,worthy to be praised”,and I know at that moment, it is right where I need to be, praising him in my sorrow.

  50. Beth

    I have been ready to end my life. I heard about this on the radio this a.m. and just watched the video. The struggles I have been facing just seen impossible.

    • Karla

      Praying for you, Beth. Know that you are more than enough and you are loved.

  51. Profile photo of Katlyn

    That’s something that I needed to hear. Life changes have me almost desperate to find something solid and I often forget that I have built my foundation on the Rock.

  52. Profile photo of Big Country

    Another great lesson! That was a huge turning point for me. Being just 21 turning 22 I had a major injection in my back. I was dealing with a lot of depression of not being able to do things I had in the past. But what kept me going was the fact that I know that God loves me and that he wanted me to continue to grow in my faith. I believe that God was able to guide me through. It’s hard to explain but despite not feeling it, there was that sense of it was the right thing to do to continue serving the Lord. There have been several verses in the bible that have been a great comfort to me and has allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding and slowly move past the depression. Is there still days? Yes, but knowing how awesome God is and what he desires from us, allows me to keep going in my walk with him and wanting to draw closer to him every second.

  53. Profile photo of Ashley

    Thank you Joy. Your video was on point. It helped a lot! I feel like at some point we all feel this way for various reasons, but you are right he is always there. You just can’t loose hope even if you aren’t feeling it at the moment. God is good to all of us!

  54. Profile photo of gail

    It is so easy to slip into the lies we tell ourselves: I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I will never have my hearts desire, But, Jesus say I am; Jesus says I can.

  55. I can relate to what joy is talking about. Ive struggled with depression for a long time. Several members of my family do too.
    I went to a church for awhilecrhat belived depression came from the devil and it needed to ge cast out. But one day my pastor finally preached that sometimes uts caused by a chemical imbalance in our body. Ive been thru 2 divorces. A loss of my son and grandchild. But even in my sarkest days God never left me. Im on rx now. And im better. Il always have some of this but im learnig to cope. First is admitting there is a problem, 2ed is seeking help. 3Rd hanging on to God for dear life. He walks thru the valley of shadow of death with us and it does end ( the valley)on the other side.

  56. Profile photo of tcreech

    Thank you for sharing. God is bigger than anything and will be there for us at anytime and anywhere we are.

  57. Profile photo of prairie

    I enjoy reading through the Psalms in down times in my life too. One of my favorite Psamls right now is Psalm 147. Especially Psalm 147:3 “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” Some wounds can take time to heal. Time only God can give. For me it has been a death of a family member. That family member was very close to my heart, and watching her pass away was harder on me than I thought it would be. That family member was my grandmother. I know I will see her again someday and it does help to find someone to talk to. I’ve been talking to a Christian counselor as well. God has been good at providing people in my life that I need including my family members. I still have my down days, but remembering God’s promises gives hope. Journaling has been helpful as well. I like to journal prayers or what happened during the days that I’m down. That way I can go back and read what happened and maybe know what to do different on the down days to follow. It’s also helpful to journal what you are thankful for too. There is always something to be thankful for even during times we are suffering. God is good.

  58. Profile photo of WhidbeyGirl

    Thank you Joy. I’m in that place right now – God is silent, He didn’t rescue me when I needed it, when if it were my daughter I would have, I never would have let her go through what I did. I don’t trust Him right now, I got hurt and it was deep. I am doing as David did and continuing with praise and worship, but the walls around my heart are more formidible than the walls of Jericho (LOL!).

    Again thank you for your testimony.

  59. Britliz

    Thank you Joy for sharing your story! What you said about feeling like you are “too much and not enough at the exact same time” really hit home with me. That is exactly how I have felt for a long time.

    I’ve been wrestling with releasing my dreams and everything I thought my life should be when I was younger. Dealing with the idea that what I had planned for me and what God has planned for me may just be 2 entirely different things.

    The anxiety I’ve had over “what if my dreams never come true” has turned into anger over “my dreams haven’t and will likely never come true.”

    I love the song “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. When I am alone in my car I turn it up and sing loud hoping that the words will somehow sink in from my brain to my heart. I want so desperately to trust God with all I have, but letting go of the life I planned and expected of myself for so long isn’t easy.

  60. Profile photo of Darlene Dennis

    Thank you for sharing your story, Joy. You are very brave. My daughter started to suffer with severe depression in her early 20’s. She was hospitalized several times over 2 years and medication was not helping. We prayed that God would heal her. She stopped all medications and started to exercise and take supplements. She went back to school and it was a struggle for her to get out of bed in the morning. With God’s help she made it one day at a time. 8 years have passed and today she is on the World Race serving God as a missionary. It is amazing to see this young woman who did not want to live now helping others to have a better life. Her healing continues and it was not the type of “instant” healing we all hope for but it is a continual journey of healing and trusting God. There is hope and healing for depression. Healing comes in many different ways and I have learned that He knows best and He loves us even when we do not have the strength to love ourselves.

  61. Profile photo of Karenwhite717

    Depression is such a hard thing sometimes. Unlike a visible injury or ailment, depressed people often have no “outward proof” of their injury. As someone supporting a family member who suffers from depression, I am often at a loss of the right thing to say or do….thanks for sharing your journey. When we can talk about it, we can begin healing.

  62. Norissa Navarro de Leon

    Thanks Joy! I suffered depression since I was younger I’ve seen it all I experienced all. From parents who don’t love each other’, they hurt each physically emotionally and in the middle of all that is me and my 5 siblings. Then 2012 the father of my kids divorced me but through it all I found God Jesus found me and I found Him. I hold onto Him daily and now for 2 years I hadn’t taken any depression medication. I praise God for all of it.

  63. Profile photo of angelfish316

    I can really relate to what Joy has experienced. After losing my marriage of 30 years, I’ve experienced depression on a level that I did not think was possible. I got to the point where I had a breakdown. I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t concentrate or focus. I felt like a robot and felt so empty inside. There were many times when I couldn’t even pray. I would just utter the name of Jesus. I had to move away from my situation. It’s been over a year and I still struggle. Praise God that although I’m not yet where I should be, I’m not where I was 16 months ago.

  64. Profile photo of Tiffany Stuart

    Depression has become a favorite tool to use in driving a wedge between us and our creator. I struggled with it for many many years. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I literally fell at the feet of Jesus, over come with the weight of depression and the world I had created around me and God overcame me, spoke to me in such a loving and fatherly fashion. Insisted that what I carried was not mine to bear but was His and that He had already carried it at the cross. That I needed to surrender it to Him. That He was my reason for getting up and going on, not my daughter, not my job, not anything else…just Him. He spoke over me Matthew 11:28 and I will always cling to that verse.

  65. Profile photo of Susan

    Sharing your story has turned your time of depression into joy because God is using your experience to help others! So many people struggle with depression and refuse to acknowledge the need for help. Your honesty in balancing Christian counseling and medical doctor may help others reach out for help. I know several people who think they can manage it on their own, thinking they just need more faith.

  66. Profile photo of Brittliz001

    Thank you Joy for sharing your story! What you said about feeling like you are “too much and not enough at the exact same time” really hit home with me. That is exactly how I have felt for a long time.

    I’ve been wrestling with releasing my dreams and everything I thought my life should be when I was younger. Dealing with the idea that what I had planned for me and what God has planned for me may just be 2 entirely different things.

    The anxiety I’ve had over “what if my dreams never come true” has turned into anger over “my dreams haven’t and will likely never come true.”

    I love the song “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. When I am alone in my car I turn it up and sing loud hoping that the words will somehow sink in from my brain to my heart. I want so desperately to trust God with all I have, but letting go of the life I planned and expected of myself for so long isn’t easy.

  67. Profile photo of Crystal

    This was a beautiful testimony Joy. You show us what true faith is. Sometimes its not knowing what to do but also knowing that God will guide and direct you. I think each Christian has been in that moment where we don’t know what the answers are- we must look to Him. I think back on my life when I went through periods of depression and was not walking with Christ. Words like yours would have made such an impact on me. Not because it was you that was saying them, but because you were allowing the Lord to speak through you.

  68. Profile photo of MISSBee

    You are so cute! Thank you for your words!

  69. Profile photo of damarysv

    Thank you for sharing so powerful testimony. God is able and bigger than depression. I have to remind myself of this everyday.

  70. Profile photo of Megan Starr

    This was something I just went through. My children and I were told we had to leave our homes just like so many families in Oregon as there is an issue with renting and tenants having no rights pretty much. We were offered to stay in my sister in laws house,the three of us in a living room sleeping on a couch and the floor. I work full time, I had saved up a couple thousand, but here we were in someone’s living room. During that time my brother got verbally abusive to me andy kids. My sister in Law’s adult children were ruining my children’s stuff, ruining their homework, even turned into physical abuse. My 5 year old daughter had bruises. My 10 year old son won’t sleep. I would sit in my car and cry as it was the only place I had to be alone. I remember crying asking what to do? asking why are you not helping? It came down that I had to choose us sleeping in sedan car or continue being in a place that we just could not sleep, or eat, or be safe. So I got all our stuff and we left. We ended up sleeping in the car, well the kids did I couldn’t sleep and that was only 2 nights before my taxes ended up in and it was more then what I was told. I called my tax person and it was real. I cried right there in her office we happiness that I could at least get us in a hotel for a couple months and during this time I would really look for a place and bug people and I went to church. I asked for prayers from everyone as I still had my savings as that was only to be used for a place. In a month and a half we got our apartment we are in now. This happened at the end of April this year. We went through this for 10 months. During the whole time my kids would pray about everything. I kept being reminded by them that prayer was all we had and once we left the bad situation and as long as we were together and we prayed it would work out. I had to give it to god and not stress. He was the one who told me we had to leave. He asked me and I needed to listen. My whole family has turned away from us. Wouldn’t even talk to us. And I have found us in a good place. We are strong in god and even the hard times when I thought I couldn’t do anymore he always took me in his arms and reminded me to strong through all of faith as grown and I know he does everything for a reason even the bad stuff. I have doctors telling me I need medical because it would help and I kept saying no because god has me. There are times I feel sad and alone and that is went I go to god. Seek help but he is always first. I open the bible and just read whatever is speaking to me. I have great friends in the church so speak to them too. I am finding that the people around and the people I talk to really make a difference. God is good even when we are no in good.

    • Kay

      Oh Megan, thank you so much for sharing your incredible testimony/!

  71. Profile photo of Jenny Mulliins

    Thanks for sharing. You are making a difference and helping a lot of people.

  72. Profile photo of DianeMiller

    I have battled depression all my life. Now in my 60s My health issues have become debilitating. This is exactly what I do. I sit and long for the past when I wasn’t in daily pain, making it more and more difficult to walk, to take care of myself. I can no longer tie my shoes, it’s difficult to put on socks, because I can’t get to my feet. I can’t lift anything any more and oh how I long for the time when family relationships where whole. I never dreamed I’d be where I am today. And know my health with only get worse, I dread the future. I desperately struggle to hold on to hope. I just want Jesus to take me out of this and call me home. The future looks so dark and lonely. Yes I know it could be so much worse. What if I lived in a country with no doctors and no pain medication? In may ways I am so blessed, still I cry out to God ” When God will it end? When can I come home?”

    • Profile photo of Batje

      I too have suffered depression on and off ever since I lost my son and you are right Joy. It has a lot with your walk with God. When I feel like God why have you forsaken me and started doubting that God even hears or sees me or even remembers me then the depression sets in. I have off late started reminding myself that He still sits on the throne . No matte what happens around me , no matter my circumstances he still sits on the throne. He is God …. I am reminded of Peter walking on water :
      29 “Come,” he said.

      Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

      31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

      The key for me from this is that when Peter saw the wind thats when he panicked so I , like you ,Joy, I try to always saturate myself with the truth of God’s word and not the lies that I hear when I look at my circumstances!

  73. Profile photo of pmccoy68

    Depression is real and so many people hide it because they don’t want others to think they are weak. Thank you for being bold enough to share your struggles and for others to see that coming to grips with depression is the first step to healing whatever hurts you may be facing.

  74. Lisa

    Living and working overseas can take all the joy right out of your life, even when you know you are doing what God has asked you to do. My husband and I have been in this state for a while, forcing ourselves to state and restate that we have a good Father who cares for us and the people of the world. Thanks for the reminder for us not to forget to keep our thoughts away from the past and what we have left behind, but taking in the joy that is in the present. God blesses us everyday, if we are open to seeing it.

  75. Profile photo of MichelleK

    Thank you for this! Christian counseling is so very important!!! Years ago, battling depression and anxiety and a terrible relationship, I chose to see a counselor. Didn’t think anything of the fact that she was Christian and I wasn’t. But God brought me there and softened my heart. That awesome counselor shared the Gospel with me and obviously my life has never been the same! Eternally grateful for that woman of God and Christian counselors all over. Their work is so important, not always for bringing someone to Christ, but helping others get thru difficult times and issues like depression as well.

  76. From a fellow christian who also suffers from chronic depression, I depend on God every day to help me fight it. I did not realize that Psalms could be so helpful, I will start reading that book right away.

    Thank you for posting this

  77. Profile photo of sherise.earp

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some prayers going for me…..2 weeks ago last Friday, I was forced to leave the Baylor hospital system due to a manager having it out for me. I found out Sat that he is leaving at the end of the month. Praise God, that justice has been served in my favor on that……However, on a brighter note, I just got off the phone with another hospital system, called Texas Health Resources(THR), they want me for an interview on Thursday @ 1p. Please keep me in your prayers during this time. Thank you to all ahead of time.

  78. Veta


    I am suffering from Depression right now. My son Stephen left you a reply about me last week. It is not getting any better. My health is getting bad too.

    • Profile photo of Missy P

      I admire all of you for your honestly on this very debilitating condition. God Bless

  79. Profile photo of Stephanie H

    I suffer from depression. It is a dark place that only God can reach. It is a constant battle of fighting lies with God’s truths.

  80. Profile photo of shywinter

    Thank you for this message! I have struggled with depression almost all my life.

  81. Profile photo of carto877

    Thank you Joy for sharing. Depression is real, even for Christians. And a lot of times I feel like some of my Christian friends will not get help because they are suppose to get help from God and God alone. I told a friend a few months ago that it is ok for Christians to get extra help as long as we go to a christian counselor and what the speak is Biblical truth.

  82. Profile photo of bridget0394

    I really needed to hear his Joy. Recently I have been dealing with some things that I couldn’t fix. I felt alone & depressed, and even attacked. It led to a moment of being suicidal, to which I immediately asked God to take over. Thankfully He has.. Praise God, my Savior

  83. Neasha

    Thank you for sharing your story. Depression is something that I have felt for some time. And like you I have to remind mind myself that the only way to overcome this is to keep Hope and that I am away more to him and with him.

    • Neasha

      Always more with him

  84. Donna Hynes

    I wanted to thank you for your message today, it lifted me up on a day when I needed some lifting. I found WAY 89.5 about six months ago, it has brought such joy to my life. Things are a little scary in my life right now and I felt like I was not connected to Jesus like I should be. You all make me feel like you’re pulling for all of us and that it’s okay to stumble with your faith, that we all have, but we can walk this journey together. My faith and understanding have grown because of all the lessons that you teach us and along with that, all of the laughs you pass along on the radio. If you all ever wonder if you’re making a difference the answer for this girl is OH YEA! Many Christmas Wishes for you guys and yours🎄Many Many Thanks!

  85. Yolander Jackson

    I have gone thru depression also.Getting on my knees and crying out for God’s help has been the answer for me.My niece is a minister and she reminds me that weeping for tonight and joy comes in the morning.

  86. Betty-Ann Bowersox

    Having been in the same position I felt that I was letting God down by feeling like HE was not council enough until I had two elderly sisters in my office one day making a payment when this subject came up. I told them my thoughts & they told me how wrong I was that we need each other to lift our names up to God, to get encouragement & love even when we are not in good place. Even more so when we are depressed or in need. Everyone has seasons in their lives & depression is one of those seasons. Our struggles make us who we are. Thank you Joy for sharing. When no one but God loves us we start to doubt that love also & need reminded HE loved us enough to die on the cross. We are of value.

  87. Jess C

    I deal with anxiety and depression everyday. I have a great life, amazing family, and a wonderful job that God literally dropped in my lap last year, but I’m still in a constant struggle. I left work early today because I just couldn’t deal and I have felt like a failure ever since I left. Like I can’t possibly keep this job that God gave me if I can’t get my stuff together and stay strong when I’m feeling weak. I’m going to lose my job, not be able to provide for my son, look like a failure in my husband’s eyes, etc. Those are lies. Lies that I’m letting drag me even deeper. I will put my hope in God and not beat myself up when I’m weak, but ask for his help to pick back up.

  88. Profile photo of Kmarket

    I have been in this place for a while. I join these small groups in hope to get out of this fog the enemy has me in. While I know I need to pray more be in the word more. I just don’t have drive, desire,passion I once had. I barely seem to function let alone dig deep. I want my heart to break for what breaks my saviors yet I can’t seem to get back that hunger. I know God must have something big for me the way the devil is fighting me. I try to to make time to read my devotions and pray but just am not able to pray until I receive that break through that blessing. I feel like I am stuck.

  89. Kathleen Kauffman

    I haven’t kept up wi things, and this study! I’m depressed! Wondering where God is, I also wonder why he makes me starve. Starving, for me means so many things. I have no money for food. Sometimes I feel like I have no one around me. God takes away all the physical things I need, even friends that are too busy for me. I’m even wondering who my friends really are? Am I just a fair weathered friend? I don’t want someone always to help me, or to go and tell others about me so they can help. I need a listening ear half the time. That’s all I need. So I don’t like to talk about my problems because I tend to make them bigger than what they are, and, maybe, I don’t want help. Maybe I just need a friend. Right now I’m even wondering if God is a friend.