Read (from the New Living Translation)

Ephesians 6:10-20

10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. 12 For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

13 Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. 14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared. 16 In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil. 17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.

19 And pray for me, too. Ask God to give me the right words so I can boldly explain God’s mysterious plan that the Good News is for Jews and Gentiles alike. 20 I am in chains now, still preaching this message as God’s ambassador. So pray that I will keep on speaking boldly for him, as I should.

Go Deep

WBSGbio_JoyOur minds play an important role as we walk through hard times. Joy from The Carlos & Joy Show writes about this today.

I’m not good enough.

I can’t do it.

With each step these thoughts entered my mind as I walked into the studio to do my show. Instead of feeling confident and planning through the amazing topics we had prepared, my mind turned to attack me with insecurities and fears.

You have probably had these thoughts at some point in your life, but if you suffer from negative self-talk like I do then you might feel this way every day. I know that many people deal with insecurity, but for some those insecurities can become a constant negative narrative in their mind.

I have a particularly busy mind, meaning that I’m always thinking about several things at once. All that over-thinking and over-analyzing can easily be used against me. That’s why I need to prepare and fight against it.

If you know you will be faced with an onslaught of insecurity and negativity then why not get ready to fight against it and win?

Ephesians 6:13 says “Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.”

We have armor available to us and while it might not be as tangible as a shield, it can be even more effective. Our minds are a battlefield and we need to seek the Lord if we hope to win.

The days when I wake up late, fly into work, and then try to stay in a healthy mindset are always hard. But if I wake up and have a conversation with God, get into His word, and give the parts of my day to him ahead of time then I am prepared for when the lies comes flying at me like flaming arrows.

When my thoughts echo the phrase “You are going to fail.”

My heart responds with, “It does not matter if I fail or succeed because I am not defined by what I do, but rather who I am in Christ.”

When I hear, “You can’t do it.”

I respond with, “Exactly. I can’t do it alone. I will lean into the Lord for His strength today because I am not alone.”

God does not want us to be susceptible to every lie and negative thought the enemy throws our way. But the truth is that without him we will easily begin to believe the lies. One of my favorite verses is:

Philippians 4:6-7 6Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

We have so much victory, peace, and power available to us if we know how to prepare. Don’t miss your time with the Lord today even if it’s a short prayer to hand the negative self talk over to him and ask for his full armor to guard and protect you.

Notes from the Beyond Suffering Bible

The Armor of God – Although we face a real enemy who is out to destroy our souls, the good news is that God has given us everything we need to be victorious in the fight. Our “armor” consists of truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, the Word of God, prayer, and the power of the Holy Spirit. So don’t get caught in enemy territory unprepared—put on the armor of God each and every day!

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  1. Profile photo of Unathi

    I loved this. It’s not new to me, but it’s always relevant.

    A few decades ago, when I first learned that God truly DID love me and wasn’t just trying to send me to hell, I went to a church where the worship leader wrote most of the songs we’d sing. Those songs were based on scripture. And whenever I heard this one and sang it, it encouraged me immensely.

    “Fight the fight of faith,
    Charge the enemy!
    Fight the fight of faith,
    Resist him, he will flee!
    Pick up the shield of faith
    And the Word of God as your sword
    For the battle is the Lord’s
    And the victory is yours!

    It’s very powerful to speak (and even to sing) the Word of God in our lives and through our struggles. Why? Because the Word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword. Jesus is the Word of God. He is alive and powerful! He is life! He is Truth! He is the Way to the Father. If we encourage ourselves to speak life and truth (or sing it) over and in our lives, we will experience the victory over the enemy and his lies. Jesus accomplished the victory through His death and resurrection. We need to remind ourselves that WE experience the victory because of what He already did. We can have victory over the enemy.
    Let us guard ourselves at every side with the armor God has given us to go into battle and come out as the winners. He is faithful. We don’t stand alone. He wants us to succeed. But we can’t do it without Him. The battle is the Lord’s and the victory is ours!

  2. Andrew lerner

    Way FM is incredible. Every morning I put my armor on, and the song is you guys play, and reading the small group emails and texts and verses help me use Gods sword as my strongest weapon when I put on my uniform every day. Thank you for all you do, and for everyone collectively here! May God richly bless all of you, forever in my prayers!
    – Andy

  3. Profile photo of T Swift

    Thank you for the reminder today! I often struggle against the lies of Satan, especially when they are subtle. I, too, think a lot! Therefore, I need to be reminded a LOT about who is greater! And I love this passage from Ephesians, especially in that the only weapon we have is the sword, which is God’s word. When we don’t read God’s word, we have no weapon when we go into battle. Defensive mechanisms are great, but if you can’t strike out against your enemy, you can’t get your enemy to fall back and stop attacking you!

    • Profile photo of pastormatt

      Well stated T. Swift! It is good to be reminded that we need to sharpen our weapon daily. My prayer life has grown greatly, recently. But, as a youth pastor, I have found that my main time of sharpening my sword has been when preparing for lessons. Got to find a better balance in my life.

  4. Jean

    This is something I battle daily. I’d like to say I stop and put on the armor and pray but I don’t. Thank you for sharing. It’s good to know other people experiences the same things.

    • Paige

      I agree with you all it is a constant battle. Thank you Joy!

  5. Stephanie

    Wow, this was very encouraging and helpful, Joy. I feel like I’m constantly dealing with this as well. Today, I’m planning on using God’s truth to snuff out the fiery lies of the enem as I face this Monday.
    Thank you, again, for sharing.

  6. Christy

    Very good word for today as I am fighting battles right now involving rebellious Dottie spirits in my two teen daughters. A good reminder that my battle if with Satan and not with my kids

  7. Rama

    This is so true. We need to be prepared as Joy said. Before leaving home thank the Lord for His provisions and pray for protection and guidance for the day. Place everything in His hands and rest in His peace.

  8. Sarah Watson

    I completely understand the point and battle with my inner critic constantly. I silent the voice by praying or reading God’s word of what I am. Times when i can’t read I just say his name. There is powerin the name of Jesus.

  9. Martha

    I so needed Joy’s comments today! I suffer from negative self-talk a lot; I’m very overweight and often feel people judge me on my appearance so it’s a daily struggle. I tend to isolate myself rather than subject myself to snubs or facial expressions that say a lot more than words. But as Joy says, we are not judged by what we do but by who we are in Christ. Thank you, Jesus!

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Martha, praying for you and for God’s truth to combat the lies.

      • Teepee


  10. Melanie

    This needs to be a conscious effort

  11. Skipper Ott

    Abosolutely perfect timing. I was rushed this morning and left God out of my morning routine, but after reading this I have a new hope knowing the Lord is with me all day!

  12. Wendy

    I struggle with believing the lies that Satan tells me. Thank you for the Reminder that I can put on the amour and fight back!
    Today is a day that I need to,it it all on and in multiple layers. I will fight the fight as I don’t have to do it alone.

    • Ellyn Caldwell

      Praying for you too

  13. Profile photo of yparrilla84

    Thank you for this today, I was battling with this last night and a few days prior. Never feeling like I’m enough. It’s comforting knowing that I am not the only one. Thank you for highlighting the tools I need!

  14. Debra

    I really needed to hear this today. Thanks, Joy.

  15. Profile photo of TRenfro

    I understand the battlefield of the mind….I battle against negative and destructive thoughts daily. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of peace and love and a SOUND MIND. I repeat this scripture frequently. Thank you for this devotional today. I don’t feel alone or like something is wrong with me, when I hear others discuss the battle they go through.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Isn’t it good of God to let us know we aren’t walking this life alone? That He is with us and that He has placed others in our lives to be with us as well?

      • Teepee


  16. Profile photo of Debbie

    Thank you for this. We live in a culture where it never seems we are good enough. I have to remind myself daily that I am God’s child and he created me, and he loves me and I am enough. Today I will put on that armor and face my day. God is all I need and because of him I am loved.

  17. Profile photo of Ann

    Joy, I loved this. I can painfully relate to this. I have struggled with depression and negative self-talk for a good bit of my adult life. I have to fight to remind myself of God’s words and promises. I really needed to read this this morning thank you.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Ann, praying for you as you address the depression and negative self-talk in your life. A scripture that has been helpful for me is Isaiah 26:3 (Amplified Version), “You will keep in perfect and constant peace the one whose mind is steadfast [that is, committed and focused on You—in both inclination and character], Because he trusts and takes refuge in You [with hope and confident expectation].”

  18. Amanda Lynn

    Life is very complicated at times and sometimes unpleasant. I struggle every day to see the good things since my mind oft sees the bad and tells me bad things. Jesus is my way out but it ain’t always as warm and comforting as a Sunday meal after an uplifting service. Life hits me like a Texas tornado. There are so many things to be sad and anxious about, so why not let it go and pray it up to the Heavens? I love God so much and I cannot do this life without Him!
    Thanks for this message, Amanda

  19. Profile photo of AbbyLee2242

    This is so true. I can tell the days that I make it a priority to wake up and have time in His Word & with Him, my days go wayyyy better. Thankful for His protection & provision today & every day!

  20. Profile photo of Dhurata

    We’re studying this exact excerpt for our own little group study. However I do feel disconnected between what’s said in the bible (and explained here by Joy) and me doing exactly what it says. I feel like it’s a lesson from school, you read it and perfect it to get the ‘A’ in class and than it doesn’t hold much value… any of you have ways to push this deeper than just the ‘classroom walls’…

    • Profile photo of Dori

      There’s an AMAZING bible study on the Armor of God by Priscilla Schrier (I think I spelled that correctly). It will help you through Ephesians 6 verse by verse.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      I have found that sometimes when I really feel like there’s something I need to learn or glean from a passage that I’ve been studying that the best thing to do is to let it just sit in me and try not to overthink it. Give the passage space and time to enter into your heart and mind and accomplish what God wants it to. Sometimes the lessons we learn from those don’t come until a much later time but God’s word will bear fruit at the perfect time.

    • Gods Warrior

      Please understand Dear one…God has satan on a leash, not the other way around. Satan can only mess with our minds, he can’t read them. God did not allow him that power. God, & ONLY GOD can read our minds. Then too, it’s not about how u feel. Feelings r irrelevant. It’s all about Jesus & His Word. And if u believe Him; if u trust Him, THAT is what u cling to. FAITH.

    • Profile photo of Carol

      It isn’t easy. Satan fights every step of the way as he knows the power of God’s Word. Dhurata, may I say it is much more than just knowing it in your mind–like class work. It is something you have to accept by faith and believe in your heart. You might want to pick a couple of verses to memorize and repeat them over and over again–even parts of a verse–for example “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Think about what this small phrase means! The God Who spoke and created the world, the God Who parted the Red Sea, the God Who fed the 5,000, the God Who loves you and me so much He sent His Son to endure situations much worse than I can imagine to provide the grace and power for us to endure is the God who says “Dhurata, I am with you ALWAYS, even to the end of the world!'” Allow your HEART and mind to “think on these things.” Ask the best Teacher of all to move these “lessons” from your head to your heart. God bless you!

  21. Joy,
    I have an overactive mind and get caught up in a narrative of negative self-talk also. Mine is rooted in years of physical, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse from my mom. My ex-husband continued the verbal abuse when we were married. We are divorced now. I coped by always being in a rush and keeping myself excessively busy. I also developed a food addiction; and when I could drive, I took my negative emotions out on my vehicle because I had no other outlet for them— and of course, they’ve got to come out somewhere. Being epileptic, I can no longer drive because it has gotten progressively worse through the years. God is my Healer and my healing will manifest some day. Meanwhile, I do what I have to do to get by. The point is, I had to learn to break these cycles too; and I’m fine most days, but when I’m sleep-deprived, the enemy wages an all-out war and I’m not physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually strong enough to counter him AT THAT TIME because I’m too exhausted. That’s when I need the most prayer cover. Be blessed.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Keri Lynn, thanks for sharing part of your story with us. We are praying for you and your health!

  22. Profile photo of andrew pickett

    Thank you joy. Amazing testimony and reminder that many people need every day

  23. Sally Patasky

    Sometimes I think I am my own worst enemy! But I remind myself that while I tend to be “all over the place”, God is constant, NEVER changing and it settles me. Joy’s statement of “My heart responds with, “It does not matter if I fail or succeed because I am not defined by what I do, but rather who I am in Christ.” will be my answer today. God’s promises and His faithfulness will sustain me!

  24. Jen cork

    Yes. Sometimes I’m too afraid to step up and step out because the enemy makes me feel unworthy. Unworthy as a friend, employee, mom.

  25. Profile photo of Aleigh

    You truly spoke to my heart with the negative self talk which I have been experiencing all my life and just come to term about negative self talk over the last couple of years. The enemy works day and night to drag us down and God has given us a way to overcome. What a wonderful reminder of how merciful God is and how he keeps us!

  26. Colin

    This was a much needed reminder for my life right now. Insecurities have always been a struggle to me, and for a short while now, I’ve let them lead me. So thank you, Joy, for this. It’s a great reminder and kindly refreshens my mindset.

  27. Monica

    Oh My Goodness!!! WOW!! Thank-you so much for this beautifully put reminder, Ms Joy. I struggle with insecurities every day. It was like this was written just for me. Just this past weekend, I had an incident where I really felt the Lord saying to me that as long as I have breathe, He has a plan for me. That is it, right there. My focus needs to be on Him, what I can do for Him, not on me. Thank-you so much for this reminder. God Bless you!

  28. Kirsten Borges

    The verses you quoted are some of my top favorite verses. I used to deal with constant worry. When I am not taking time to read the bible and pray it creeps in again. God has freed me from my worry and that is what I want so badly for my friends and family. I want them to feel the peace and joy I feel. Held by God, no need to worry. Thank you Joy for this devotion.

  29. Christel Brewer

    Wow! God really wanted me to focus on these verses today. This is the second time since I got up this morning that I’ve read them. And it’s only 7:30! Thank you, Joy, for sharing your heart. I struggle with the same negative talk in my head. But God is faithful and ever present. He is all I need, regardless of what the day may bring.

  30. Mark Maddox

    This is a great message that I should listen to daily. It seems on a daily occurrence I am bombarded with things in my past and how unworthy I am. I know it’s a battle we as Christians must fight everyday of our lives. It is so refreshing to know God’s got our backs and for us to lean on his word to know the truth.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Mark, praying that the truths of Christ – his redemption, his forgiveness, his love without borders – will be the stronger voices in your head each day!

  31. Profile photo of amandaazh

    Love the world’s biggest small group and the daily devotionals. I am going through a difficult time right now as I lost my job last Tuesday, and this has really helped me.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Amanda, we are so sorry to hear of your job loss. We are praying for you to see the providing hand of God during this time and that a new opportunity will come your way soon!

  32. Jessica L.

    I love this passage of scripture! this passage unlock the warrior inside my extremely timid self. I naturally want to analyze and weight each situation that comes my way instead of prayerfuly consider each situation. thanks so much for sharing!

  33. Samantha

    All my life I have been my worst enemy..Listening to my own thoughts of self worrhlessness..over weight..depressed.. never good enough state of mind.Several years ago I gave my life to Christ but lately I falling by the wayside..I know I can do better I know I want to do better and be better..I truly needed this lesson this morning.

  34. Stephanie Kopsa

    I have to remind myself daily. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. I am a child of the most high God!

  35. Profile photo of jmac616

    I know the devil tempts me/us everyday and with that I know that God has given me/us the “armor” to stand up to him. Prayer is such a powerful and peaceful part of our lives. Thank you for this wonderful passage, as soon as I got done reading this my wife sent me a text asking if she could leave work because she is having a difficult time with her new job. She left a great job for me to take a new job and she is stuck at a location that is not very friendly and welcoming. I got to share some of this with her!

  36. Profile photo of Missy P


    Thank you for the encouragement as I am battling with some issues right now. This is confirmation that I am on the right track.


  37. Profile photo of Susan413

    My struggle is the despondency in grief. Having lost so many family members to cancer and heart-related problems I have to keep reminding myself of (John 14:1-3) about not letting our hearts be troubled. And when I fall with my cross/crosses- prayer and scripture is what gets me back up! It also helps when I think of Jesus resisting temptation through scripture. Should we not be doing the same?

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Susan, praying for you as you find yourself having to adjust to life on earth without the physical presence of your loved ones. Grief is so hard and such a winding journey. May you experience the peace of God daily.

  38. Katie T

    🙂 Amen!!

  39. Becky Clifton

    I started the hardest move I have made to date last Friday from my late Mom’s house to one I will be renting. This was a very timely read. I was attacked by our enemy on many fronts. I have been through a lot of bad “stuff” and it as been hard to stay focused on God. This small group has helped lately.

  40. Gloria

    Thank you Joy for sharing that. I needed that reminder of starting out my day with quiet time.

  41. Profile photo of Aaron R.

    I read those words and they have been the focal point of the pat 30 days for me: “My heart responds with, ‘It does not matter if I fail or succeed because I am not defined by what I do, but rather who I am in Christ.”’. I have been struggling with what is going on with me, and I feel the sacred whisper of God that I am never good enough, but because of the power of Christ I am a new person and have freedom to serve the true King. I have recently read the book THE FREEDOM OF SELF-FORGETFULNESS by Tim Keller (a very short time to read, like 50 pages, but a life-time of great advice) and it is all about how to release the self verdict of negativity we have given to ourselves and instead change it for the final verdict of free in Christ. Thank you for sharing your story, the other one, and for inspiring others to find freedom from struggle, depression, and self-doubt. You are inspiring so many!!

    • Teepee

      Thank you. I will check this book out.

  42. Kristina

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I have been dealing with negative self talk for a while now.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Kristina, praying for you! That you would hear only the truth and your ears (spiritual and otherwise) would block out the lies.

  43. Profile photo of tpugh

    Thank you for the constant reminder that we fight not against flesh and blood but against satan and all his principalities. To keep reminding yourself of this will cause so much less desintegration of families and relationships. Realize who is behind the attack and renew your mind not to let it have the power it is striving for.

  44. Bettina Zafiris

    An issue I struggle with is truth. I have been experiencing times when what I discover is deemed truth in does not line up with what my husband believes he has found to be truthful. We may both read the same scripture but many times we both see different truths. Our own interpretation can not always be trusted. This is a challenge I find I need to overcome.

  45. We must always be aware that we are in a great fight between good and evil. The devil is about the world seeking our ruin. The song that is relevant to me is —-Precious Lord take my Hand. it is the song that Martin Luther King requested just b4 he was killed. I must always remember the Lord is always ready to take my hand and lead me thru the darkness

  46. Andrea Stephenson

    I’ve learned that it is not “one and done” but it is a daily, moment by moment battle. The devil doesn’t take any days off nor should we, or we become vulnerable! Our minds will give us many excuses why we shouldn’t e.g. pray, wake up and fellowship with the Lord and if we go by our feelings, we will stand in agreement with the devil. But, the devil is a liar and he is the accuser of the brethen…so we have to get up, suit up and fight, every day! Let us stand with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Let our words, actions, confessions and responses be the active and living Word! Tell our is written…, confess the truth like Jesus did and fight the good fight of faith!

  47. Profile photo of Lataunya

    I have been in a place of darkness, even while being a Christian because I have had a hard time forgiving myself of all my shortcomings and bad ideas as a mother, wife and person. Reading Joy’s testament and the scriptures provided today helps me to remember that not only are my sins forgiven but, I am covered by God’s holy power all around. So, even when I don’t reach the “mark”, even when I don’t have all the answers, and especially when I am weak; God is right there! In my weakness He shows himself mighty and strong. I am ever grateful to God for WayFM. You all really pick me up and encourage me with your jokes, songs, scripture reminders and reality checks. You remind me that I am human and that’s why I need God and His precious son Christ Jesus to be all I am not on my own. It gives me comfort and hope in ways words could not explain! God bless you all… LS

  48. Denise

    Love how you spell out ” the armor” available to each of us. I had forgotten all that God has made available to us each and everyday as we try to walk in his way. Reading about what the armor consists of is amazing! I only now realized HOW MUCH God gives me as I walk through each day. Thanks for the message.

  49. Profile photo of skyla

    Thank you for this… It helps me a lot. There are a lot of days when I wake up and think “why even try?” but then I remind myself that I do it to bring someone closer to God. It’s the little things that matter the most and it’s a struggle to be nice to everyone and love like Jesus and stay away from sin… but we are not alone God is with us cheering us on and He is there when we fall short to lean on Him.

  50. Profile photo of CSharp

    Thanks for today’s devotional reading. I too struggle with negative thoughts but thank God that I can go to Him to help put on the armor of God daily. It is good to know that He has got our backs always.

  51. Addie Johnson

    I failed miserably yesterday, I am depressed everyday, and let that get to me. I often end up getting very angry and taking it out on my family. I ask daily for God to help me, however I feel like I fail everyday. When will God help me? When will I stop being negative, angry, depressed? Please pray for me.

    • Profile photo of Unathi

      Addie, I’ll pray for you. I want to encourage you. I know it’s frustrating to feel like you’re not making progress, but you need to persevere. Sometimes God works a miraculous change in us all at once. Other times, He allows our healing and growth come at a more natural pace. Continue trusting Him, because through and in Him is the only way to victory. Please, continue to read His Word and saturate your heart with it. His Word really is alive and powerful and can cut out the root of bitterness which is making you angry all the time. Our hearts needs to be filled with His Word so that there’s no room for the evil things. Let us continue trusting God, knowing that His Word is true, His love for us is strong, and His mercies toward us are new every morning!

      • Profile photo of Addiej

        Thank you for the prayers and your words of wisdom. I need so much to lean on God, and read his word. You praying for me made my morning, and mornings are the worst

        • Profile photo of Unathi

          I’m trusting God for us both! 🙂

  52. Kristina clemons

    So many times I miss my time with God not realizing that I am leaving myself open to attack. Thank you for the reminder.

  53. Ben

    Awesome testimony Joy!! Thank you for this. I needed this today. Especially the “You can’t do this” part, I know I can’t do it alone. I know that I’m not alone. Thanks again.

  54. Pam

    This touched my ❤️ especially as I take time intentionally most mornings during my drive to work to put on each piece of the armor God has crafted specifically for me. By the time I arrive, I am fully equipped for whatever comes across my path that day.
    Thank you for sharing, Joy!

  55. Profile photo of Scott Kinney

    Wow needed that for many areas of my life right now. Thank you for sharing Joy!

  56. Profile photo of Daniel

    I love this, thank you so much for doing this. I have learned and grown in my faith. God Bless you all, and all those who are in the biggest small Group.

  57. Mary

    Thank you Joy, I struggle with a lot of negative self talk. This is a good reminder to not give into it and believe those lies.

  58. Christy Fitwater

    I have faced many struggles over the last few years from medical issues to financial hardships. Today’s reading reminds me that I am not alone and I can face my struggles with God’s armor. I tend to worry and I am reminded that through God and his glory I can seek peace. Thank you for sharing this wonderful message!

  59. Abbie

    I don’t always have a problem with negative self talk but I think he opposite can also be a problem. If we build ourselves up to much in our minds we can become arrogant and lose sight of the fact that anything we have accomplished or will accomplish is God’s victory and not ours. I struggle with this. There are definitely times when my self talk is negative but I find that I have to remind myself that if God wasn’t with me and guiding me I wouldn’t be capable of anything. When I start thinking these things I say to myself “thank you God for allowing this victory, please help me to honor you in how I perform in all things”. I think the armor of God is crucial for this as well because it helps us balance and keep Him at the top or our priority list.

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Abbie, good point! There is a balance between being negative and being too positive and therefore blind to ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Angela

    What a perfectly timed message and a much needed reminder. Over the last few weeks, God has asked me in various ways,”What are you clothed in?” As I pondered this question over and over in my mind, I wondered what I should be clothed in. What I’ve been wearing is my “tough girl” armor. I’ve been trying to do it all on my own…full time work, full time school, and maintaining my house, yard and vehicle…and I’m sinking fast! A few days ago, through a very specific word in a podcast, He answered my question with this very Bible verse. Take off the tough girl armor, and put on the armor of God! I’m with you, Joy. The negative self talk has got to go!! Thank you for your openness and honesty!

  61. Bobby Woodard

    Great read. I have this passage of scripture marked and highlighted in my Bible. I must get better at starting my day talking with God and digging into His Word. I need to do this in order to prepare myself so I can fight the devil off better. I needed this today. God Bless!

  62. Holly Whitaker

    Today was my first day starting with the emails. I have to say that it has started my day out just right ! Thank you so much fr taking the time to do this for everyone that needs it and I pray that more people are guided to our lord today and will sign up for the daily emails! They are truly a blessings! Thank you so much.

  63. Dianne

    Joy, thank you so much for reminding me of my “armor”. I also agree with spending time with the Lord so I can be ready for these attacks!

  64. Joshua Mcgatha

    Awesome words! In the struggles and chains of this lofe, we have to always remember to put on God’s armor. And to always stand firm against the evils thrown at us and around us. Because if we don’t stand strong for god,who will?

  65. Kristen

    Thanks for your words, Joy. I so needed to hear this today! I constantly struggle with the battle in my mind and often feel that I am alone in that struggle. But it is so encouraging to know that I am not the only one. Thank you for reminding me today that this battle is the Lord’s and that he alone can give me the strength to overcome the constant battle in my mind. Keep fighting the good fight!

  66. Sheila Gregory

    I rely on him and his strength every day – he gets me thru no matter what comes my way. I praise him every day of my life – without him, nothing us possible. It has been hard since my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer 4 years ago but we continue everyday with his grace.

  67. Cynthia Gutierrez

    Thank you for today’s reading. It was a true blessing. We all struggle with negative thoughts but it a great reminder that we have in God’s word and though this study. Amen

  68. Brenda Paryzek

    I so needed this today. I am suffering trying to find who I am since my mom passed away March 1. I am not defined by what I do. But by who I am in Christ. Amen It’s hard when yo were a care giver for many years then find yourself alone. Thank you for sharing.

  69. Lorena

    I’ve been diagnosed with depression more than once in my life. It can take a serious toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Lately, I’ve forced myself to wake up in the morning, before the kids, get showered, grab a cup of coffee, and sit down with my BIble. I spend the first part of my day with God this way, even praying while I am trying to roll out of bed and shower. The battles have been fewer and further between. Why? Because I’m not the one fighting them, I’m not alone, like Joy said. My armor is put in place and like the verse from Philippians says, my heart and mind are guarded.

  70. Kim

    One of my favorites!! This is one we need to remember daily!!

  71. Profile photo of kimmypop

    One of my favorites! We need to remember this every day!!!

  72. Profile photo of M.Mouse

    AMEN !!!!! We are warriors on the battle field, we are not defeated. The Lord goes before us so we can have Victory in Him !!!

  73. Profile photo of JennyChestnut

    As I got into work today, putting on the armor of God, was just the words I needed to hear. Thank you!

  74. Carol Castello

    I used to put this scripture in my son’s baseball hat. We would put on the armor of God on the way to every game. He was a pitcher from the time he was 8 until he 14. His coaches were very hard on him and they were not Christians, so we would fit him with the armor of God in order to withstand what they would throw at him during the game. It worked most of the time. I would hide my eyes every pitch because I didn’t want them to treat him badly if he messed up. I prayed through entire game I think. He refused to quit. God got through it. His armor helped him fight through it for sure.

  75. Profile photo of Dori

    I was begging the Holy Spirit to groan for me this morning when I remembered the “world’s biggest small group” and turned to today’s reading. I have fought an untreatable autoimmune disease for nine years, complicated by a genetic disease, the two of which fight each other. I’ve been to three universities and 13 doctors who have no idea what to do about any of it. Because of God’s omniscience, I have outlived 4 life expectancies, and have been able to see my son get to age 13. I’ve never said, “why me?” In my mind, that would mean I want someone else to have this, and I would never wish this on my worst enemy. I have, however, always begged God not to give anything to my child, because I haven’t been prepared to handle that too. About 2 years ago, we found out my son is also sick. We’ve had as much trouble finding a doctor for him, and as much trouble finding a doctor who will take this seriously, as we have had for me. He’s now two years into his disease, and critically ill, and though we’ve finally found a doctor who is takeing his illness seriously, he’s the brink of death. Now all I can do is groan when I pray, I have no words left. But when things get their worst, all you can do is cling to the hope of eternal life in Christ, because what else is there? If you give up your faith, then there’d be nothing left. There’d really be no hope at all. So you have to fight the battle with God on your side or there’s never any peace, there’s never any hope, and there’s never any promise of a better tomorrow.

    • Jennifer


      I, too, have an autoimmune disease. That would be the worst, finding out my child has it too. I am praying for you and your son this morning. Much love to you.

      • Profile photo of Dori

        Thank you SO much!! And I will pray for you!

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      Dori, we are praying for you and your son. We are asking God to put Doctors in your path that will have wisdom in treatments and whatever else may be required to battle the disease and deal with it. We are praying peace for you – the kind that comes from God and does surpass any understanding we can have.

  76. Cassandra Early

    For me the Word of God and prayer are the two that get me going in the morning and set the pace of my day.

  77. Larry Crenshaw

    Excellent! Thank you Joy!

  78. Jennifer

    Wow! Every single one of these things that people have shared has been for me! It’s so hard to have this mindset when you’ve been this way for so many years. I’m tired of thinking I’m not good enough and that nobody likes me. Thank you for sharing this, Joy. Even though I’ve heard this so many times, it has given me a new perspective on this issue in my life.

  79. Mark McElheney

    What a powerful message. Our small group studied this very passage of scripture last night. Coincidence? Never! God is always good and knows what we need!

  80. Thank you Joy, for the reminder that the thoughts in my mind are not real, but God is. He is there to protect me from the negative thoughts about myself that flow through my brain. I struggle with this every day. An illness has changed my ability to do things as I used to, both physically and mentally. It is so easy to delve into feeling frustrated about how “unable” I am. But the truth is I am blessed beyond measure because of how God is using me, and how much He loves me, and how He provides His armor to protect me from thinking I am not good enough – for these thoughts are from the enemy and His armor makes these thoughts go away. It is available at any time, if I am willing to pick it up and use it.

    Again, thank you Joy for reminding me that I can put His armor on and have Joy in Him. God bless you for your willingness to be open and share your journey.

  81. Profile photo of Gigi22

    So many of us struggle with this. It’s Satan’s easiest and most common weapon of sin. It is human nature and Satan exploits it effectively. Doubting our selfworth betrays God’s promise to work all things for good, including me.

  82. Carla Lechner

    Joy, I have the same thing going on in my life – negative self-talk, a constant barrage of negativity. I can’t fight this on my own & I shouldn’t try to do it. Instead, I need to hand it over to God & ask Him for help. Ephesians 6:10-18 is the answer. I know this, but I get in a hurry, thinking about all I need to do today, when I really need to do is to have putting on God’s armor first on the list! I can really relate to what you said. Thank you, & God bless you.

  83. Susie

    I suffer from negative self-talk right now. I’m going through some health issues that have caused me to have some dark and negative-filled days. I try to remember Philippians 4:6-7. I appreciate this and needed to hear this day. Put on the armor of God each and every day!

  84. Profile photo of sasunday

    What a wonderful message, Joy. Thank you. I too notice a big difference in the days when I can take a moment to speak to God and prepare myself to take what comes with Him and his armor.

  85. Profile photo of Spechuls

    Thank you for sharing. It’s a good reminder that we all are attacked by negative self-talk and it’s so important to be conscious of it and fight back immediately.
    God bless

  86. Len

    Thanks Joy! It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy schedules. I honestly put off my devotion for later, when in fact I really need it before I start my day! Philippians 4:6-7 is also one of my favorite verses. God left us with an easy task, just to pray! He said don’t worry just pray, but guess what I do? I worry! Thanks for this reminder that God cares about every minute detail in our lives. He is God, and He is in control. He is strength in our weakness. God bless you all! Good day!!!

  87. Ginger

    Thank you for this reminder that so many of us need to hear. I know I did.

  88. Jane Parker

    This lesson closely ties to the advice, have the mind of Christ”. When we live a Phil 4:8 life , we are costantly feeding our minds the positive messages we need to keep the faith in the good things our Father has promised us.

  89. Sharmika Brookins

    😳👍🏾👊🏽 eye opener!!

  90. Profile photo of GidgitGoesTravel

    I have been trying to teach this to my 6 year old daughter lately. She seems to be stuck in negativity as of late and it really hurts my heart to hear such negative self-talk come from one so young. So I read this to her today and I am going to use this all week to help her learn to seek Christ before becoming negative and allowing satan to turn her thoughts negative.

    Thank you!

    • Teepee

      Praying for your daughter that she will know she is fearfully and wonderfully made!

  91. Profile photo of Danielle

    We are talking about negative self talk lately in my regular small group.

    We read Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk by Lynn Davis. It was a short book, but talked about exactly what you were writing about, Joy. It is worth a read. I almost think you’ve already read it!

  92. Ellyn Caldwell

    Needed this reminder today have been battling lately this was good for me to hear again

  93. Profile photo of VLily

    This is always something I need to be reminded about. I can relate to Joy’s active mind and also have a good bit of negative self talk. It is the time spent in God’s word helps me ward those thoughts off; I can always tell when I miss that time.

  94. Profile photo of Olawale

    Thanks Joy, for the set word, it came just right on time when i needed it. God bless and increase His grace on your life

  95. Profile photo of CarrieAnn71272

    Most think there are 6 pieces of armor…but there is actually 7 because after we suit up, we are told to pray. Praying ignites the armor and prepares us fully for the battles. Love this study!

  96. Hope Beach

    “So don’t get caught in enemy territory unprepared – put on the armor of God each and every day!” I love that sentence!!

  97. Profile photo of Shane Brazelton

    My mind does this. I cannot form a complete thought lately and it is consuming me and my emotions . There is so much wrong going on right now. My wife tried to commit suicide last week and I can’t find affordable housing here in Huntsville. Life seems really difficult at the moment.

    • Profile photo of Unathi

      I’ll be praying for you, Shane and your wife. Trust God to be your shelter. I know it might seem silly, but He is our refuge in times of trouble. When Hagar was kicked out of Abraham’s household, she had nothing and had nowhere to go. But God came to her because He saw her suffering. How much more will God look after His own children? Please, also realize that you cannot heal your wife, but you can be a healing presence in her life as long as you are putting God first in everything and loving her and being supportive. You can’t walk through this alone. Please find a support group near you for prayer and assistance. God bless you both with peace and everything you truly need.

  98. cheryl fowler

    that was a very good talk, I do the same thing at times. I over think

  99. Profile photo of viridei

    Not new to me, but the perfect message for a horrible day. I just joined the group today. And this is the message I needed to hear. Thank you God for speaking these encouraging words and using WayFM as the messenger.

  100. Kevin Davis

    Thank you Joy, I knew I felt inappropriately dressed today. I forgot my armor. Your reminder was most timely.

  101. Profile photo of Nanakaty58

    Thanks Joy yes we do need to put on the full armor of God to protect us from Satan telling us we’re not worthy. We need to do this every day God Bless you Joy❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  102. Profile photo of Jameska

    I have been thinking about these verses lately & what I find fascinating is that we have armor just so we can stand. It has not escaped my notice that the 1st line of defense is TRUTH & RIGHTEOUSNESS. I think this is because sin (such as lying and other wrong behaviors) separate us from God due to the feelings of guilt they create in us. The guilt strips away our confidence to fellowship with our Heavenly Father.

    • Teepee

      Good point.God wants us to come to Him in truth. He already knows how we feel and He knows our need. He has willingly provided the armor, we just have to remember to suit up each morning.

  103. Thanks for sharing Joy. I go through the same thing almost on a daily basis.
    Its a constant battle to remind myself it’s in Christ not me I can do anything at all.

  104. Nicole

    Joy thank you so much for this. On a day like today, I truly needed this. You have no idea how much you have reminded me that as long as I have God on my side I can face whatever comes my way. Thank you so much for this. May God continue to bless you.

  105. Karen

    I love when the words from the Bible remind me of songs I hear on WayFM. Be strong in the Lord, never give up hope!

  106. Ami

    I love the reminder that we are not judged by what we do but who we are in Christ. It seems that more and more America claims identities by what you have and how much, and what you’ve accomplished or haven’t. Yet in the end the only thing that matters, the only thing that defines me is my relationship with God.

  107. Monica

    I saw Lauren daigle in concert last night. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in my life.I struggle with OCD every single day and every second of my life.I really do not like large crowds due to being a very nervous person. I want to say thank you so much to Way FM and too Lauren as I well for those couple of hours of a peaceful mind..

  108. Suse

    Great reminder….thanks

  109. Profile photo of Teresa

    Joy, You are such an amazing young lady. I love listening to you and Carlos in the afternoons. I think we go through those times of self-doubt to remember what God has done and know that he will do it again.

  110. Profile photo of Jennie

    Thank you for your courage to express these thoughts and how to fight them. I am often ashamed of the negative thoughts that bellow in my head. You are a strong woman, Joy, and a great spiritual leader!

  111. Profile photo of Ami

    Thank you, Joy. I struggle with this too and I love the reminder to give it to God each day!

  112. Thania

    I love how God works. I’ve had a hard weekend lots of emotional battles and challenges where given to me this weekend. And sure enough it continued onto today. When I got in the car this morning I heard about today’s devotion and it Hit home. I love how God uses way fm and the people around me to show me that am not alone that he is with me and that his armor is the one thing I need more than anything. Thank you!

  113. Profile photo of Nwheeler502

    Thank you, Joy. Negative self talk is a huge struggle for me. It’s comforting to know that even a beautiful and talented girl like you can struggle with this too.

  114. Profile photo of krjohnson1961

    Today’s reading really touched me. I suffer from depression and it is a daily struggle for me to remain in the right frame of mind. I am glad to be reminded that I need to put on God’s armor to protect me from my negative thoughts. That only with God’s love and protection will I be safe from myself.

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so glad Joy’s message resonated with you. And guess what? You just won a Beyond Suffering Bible for commenting! Check your e-mail so we can figure out where to ship it to! Glad you’re part of the group and I hope this blesses you. 🙂

  115. Gina

    This was so good. I love reading what each of you wrote, how the Lord has helped you through your struggles. He is always there, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it because of what we are going through, but He hears us and sees us. I was so touched and moved by what Dori wrote. What an amazing person, to go through all this and never lose hope or faith. Praying for you, and one day we will all be face to face with our God and will then understand everything.

    • Profile photo of Batje

      I struggle so much with the negative self talk. I feel that I am my own worst enemy at times. I have some scripture that I use as positive affirmations and one of them is ephesians 6 v 13-17 as a reminder that when I dress I should put on the full armour of God.

  116. Walter Osbourn

    Thank you Joy! He is our banner, our battle standard, Jehovah Nissi thank you Lord Jesus!!!

  117. Candace B.

    Thank you for this small group email. I suffer from anxiety and depression everyday. Some days are better than others. The message today is what I am posting around my house and car. I am so thankful for this small group and the words expressed from your heart. I need to be reminded of these words, and I intend to memorise parts of this to keep hidden in my heart for my dark days and moments. Thank you invest again.

  118. Donna Ann Tustin

    Look at what happened to the Ephesians. The church of Ephesus today is gone and their country of Turkey is primarily Muslim. They did not heed Paul’s message. Let that be a lesson to us and let us be strong, courageous and diligent spiritual soldiers of Christ.

  119. Charissa

    The lies of Satan are so strong but what a wonderful comfort to know that our God is stronger!

  120. Sandra Webster

    I’m so enjoying this study and these testimonies. It helps you realize that you aren’t the only one going thru things. Thank y’all so much for these daily scriptures and stories.

  121. Maggie

    This was perfect for me this morning. For a few months now I’ve been suffering from demonic oppression and I’ve had a rough couple of nights lately. 3 years ago I had a life altering spiritual experience and have walked the walk the best I thought I knew how until I went to my church and confided in leaders about the oppression and got some healing and rebuking done. It kept happening off and on over the weeks after that so I went back to my leader and he paired me up with a couple who was to teach me how to be a true disciple. After our first couple phone conversations and giving them a history of my sinful past, she brought to my attention that she wasn’t sure about my salvation, meaning she didn’t feel I had been truly saved in that moment 3 years ago. That night I gave my heart and life to Christ for real, and I’ve been in a spiritual boot camp as I like to call it with them since. That was back in early July beginning of August. I was rededicated and saved on one of my sons birthday. Best gift ever. I’m on strict orders on reading the Word and doing other exercises to strengthen my walk with Christ. I learn something new daily and last night during our session I finally got what it meant to know who I am in Christ. I’d had some oppression harass me through the nights the past few nights again and last night was another. Not much sleep, but allot of proclaiming and praying and reading the Word. After being woke up again at 3:45 I read a few chapters then just held my Bible over my heart, curled in a ball and wept. I told Jesus I was tired, that I needed him to take the rest of the night shift. I’m tired of the pushback. My tears instantly dried up, I relaxed and started to breathe without anxiety. I woke up and turned my Way Fm app on and I was lead to here, after hearing about it for years. I have Way FM play 24/7 in my apartment and I get to wake up to Wally and everyone’s laughter and it brings a peace knowing I survived another torturous night.
    This was more perfect for me to read first thing this morning than some may be able to understand. Thank you, for all you do at all times and letting me share. This has been very difficult but so rewarding because I’ve learned the true meaning of Jesus and why he did what he did for me, for us all. I am a warrior, always have been. But now I’m under the protection and covering of Jesus Christ- and that my friends, is worth every battle I face.
    Everyone have a fantastic day!!

    • Profile photo of Rebie WAY-FM

      Maggie – My heart is filled with joy hearing about your new understanding and relationship with Christ! There’s nothing better. Staying in the Word and living life with other believers is crucial, but it’s also crucial to realize salvation is a GIFT given by God and it’s all about the relationship. Sounds like you’re really getting to know him and rely on him and that is beautiful.

      Thank you for sharing and for blessing me today! I’m so glad you found the World’s Biggest Small Group and so fun to know you’re listening and part of WAY-FM, too! 🙂

    • Profile photo of Unathi

      Maggie I’m praying for you. Jesus is your peace. Continue in His Word and in following Him. He never promised all sunshine and roses, but He has promised us victory in Him! Press on, sister!

  122. Profile photo of Mrathel

    This message was exactly what I needed to hear. I face self doubt all day everyday. I am too an overthinker. Praying God with replace my thoughts with joy and hope.

  123. Profile photo of MIA

    Thanks so much for sharing this Joy! I deal with this daily and often feel like I am not living up to my potential because I let negative self talk and fear get in the way. I talk to God daily but I know I need to do more. It is not enough. Need to be in the word more and this small group has been most helpful in taking the steps to make that part of a daily routine.

  124. Profile photo of rrivero644

    I truly believe every word, I read putting on the full armor of god every morning, I won’t leave the house with out it. The enemy is always waiting for the opportunity to destroy us and we can’t give him an inch, my grandsons girlfriend is going through a tough time with her parents and she was abuse when she was a child, her parents didn’t believe her, so she has many problems I’m there for her and pray for her but I would love if you put her in prayer, I’ll pray for you too, thanks fdoing a great job.

    • Profile photo of Unathi

      R Rivero, I’m praying for you and your grandson and his girlfriend. It’s difficult to have grown up in a situation like she has, but it’s also difficult to know how to relate to a person who’s been abused, sometimes. God is faithful. I’m trusting Him to help her and thanking YOU for being there for her.

  125. Patrick Kessinger

    Thank you for the reminded, he is bigger than any problem I will face today or anyday.

  126. Profile photo of Klc

    Thanks so much for the reminder of how to deal first with these thought attacks! It does happen the most when we are not at our best physically from a good night’s sleep or taking care of ourselves. Feeling helpless leads to feeling hopeless and the visual reminders of these passages of going to war and wearing that armor sure helps!

  127. Leigh

    Thanks Joy! I love how you have statements prepared in your mind for when the lies come. I’m going to use that!

  128. Leeann

    This post just gave me the strength to get up and go to work. I struggle with the same issues daily. I am so Thankful for this group. I was able to put on my armour today!!

  129. Susan Barr

    My heart responds with, “It does not matter if I fail or succeed because I am not defined by what I do, but rather who I am in Christ.”

    I loved this response. This is such a simple but powerful truth. Thank you for sharing

  130. Profile photo of Susan

    Thanks for reminding me of all the lies Satan throws our way. You are right about needing God’s preparation. He can make those darts bounce right off. When I am self-focused, tired or ill or weak; those darts can hit and distract me.

  131. Profile photo of Traci Strange

    I was a worry wart and when there was nothing to worry about I worry that I had forgotten what I needed to worry about! God’s gift of peace has always covered my worries! When I finally learned to give it to God and not try to fix it myself I felt I had really been delivered!

  132. Gina Gilmore

    This devotional put this concept in a new perspective for me. Joy, I’ve emailed you twice about what I’m going through with the major depression, my husband leaving me and taking my children from me. But I thank God for drawing me closer to Him. After 40 years of thinking i was walking with and knowing the Lord, I have finally surrendered and lean on Him knowing He fights my battles.

  133. Profile photo of bridget0394

    I have struggled so much through life, and negative self talk came from my negative self worth. Now that I have finally submitted my life and will to the Lord I am healing more daily. Thanks Joy! You are always so positive!!

  134. Liz Vannier

    I deal with major insecurities about being able to do anything. Growing up I was always told I couldn’t do anything no matter what. I also deal with major depression about 2 weeks a month which doesn’t help. During these times I find it had to think anything and not just cry and isolate myself. I need to remember everyday that I need to put on the armor of God to stop the flaming arrows which grow hotter every time.

  135. Jennifer F.

    Thanks Joy! It was very encouraging because I have the paralysis by analysis problem too. Self doubt and critical thinking is hard to overcome but wit God all things are possible!

  136. Karen

    I had a constant stream of negative self-talk & I believed it. So much so that about 18 months ago I almost took my life. Thankfully, God gave me a Christian Counselor to help me find when that negative talk enter my life. I was able to see them for the lies they were. I was able to give them to God. I was able to put on the shoes, the foothold/foundation of an overwhelming peace that passes all understanding. Praise the Lord

  137. Linda

    I know from experience I’m not good at fighting on my own. I am so glad that the God of angel armies is always at my side and fights for me. I just need to listen and obey and do my part, never alone. The battle belongs to the Lord.

  138. Profile photo of OneXRebel

    My wife and I have been talking about this quite a bit. Our thoughts betray us all the time especially married men and the clothing women wear today. Not saying it’s the woman’s fault but as the man, “turn and run” literally or in your thoughts. I find the music a hear on WayFM fills my heart with song and when something like that happens, time to crank up the radio in my head! I’m on the beach in San Diego this weekend and said a prayer for strength at night for the next day. Woke up with Lauren Daigle’s “My Revival” buzzing in my head all weekend. What a blessing right there for the asking, all you have to do is ask. God Bless. 😀

  139. Profile photo of Shelly

    Thank you for sharing your personal story. I struggle with this daily and know it stems from the emotional abuse I endured in a 20 year marriage. God rescued me from that but now I’m left with the financial fallout and struggle with teenage boys who witnessed this. I pray I live in Ephesians 6

  140. Diane Talir

    Wow, right now today with all that is going on in our world. With God being deleted from every aspect of our everyday lives we need to put on His armor everyday before we step out of our front doors. The devil is alive and well on planet earth. He wants to destroy us in every way he can.

  141. Profile photo of lorilu

    Yes yes and YES!
    Love this….thank you for sharing, Joy!
    Armor up!

  142. irene amaro

    Could I please get 1 of those suffering bibles you mentioned thanks this article was very helpful especially now

  143. Sharon Schniedewind

    Thank you Joy! I have those negative words flying at me so many days. Your sharing helped me refocus on who I am bec of Him! cast my cares, anxieties and overthinking right into His loving arms! Fiery arrows are ricocheting right back where they belong! Whew!

  144. Gayle

    On more than one occasion the Armor of God has protected me from the attack of the enemy. The latest time was a right after the beginning of the beginning of the year. I had noticed that one of my co-workers was increasingly irritable and rude. It culminated in a barrage of epic proportions and if I hadn’t had God Armor the outcome would have been totally different. We are actually talking again.
    Jesus is Victory!

  145. Kathleen Kauffman

    I don’t know. These verses for me are hard to gather because I don’t know how everything is done. I used to pray the verses day to day but that was just a short while. Satan seems to have a grip on me, but what do I put first in my life? I need to let go and run where God leads me. I have to take one step at a time though. This discipline to me seems hard. I don’t read the Bible every day and study it. I think I should be a missionary, pastor, or teacher. Those are more spiritual occupations, but where is God leading me?

  146. Bill

    Thanks, Joy, for sharing the reality of your faith in the midst of the struggles of life. That is the reality of the Christian faith that encourages me and others. It will always be a battle while we are alive. However, we can get better at fighting the battle and encouraging each other.