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Matthew 10:37-39

37 “If you love your father or mother more than you love me, you are not worthy of being mine; or if you love your son or daughter more than me, you are not worthy of being mine. 38 If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine. 39 If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.

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Time to take a step back. You know you should follow Christ – even through suffering – but what does following Christ actually look like?

Darren from We Are Messengers shares the verses that have both challenged and encouraged him when following Christ turned out harder than he thought it would be.


Darren says, “If we’re gonna follow His calling, we’re gonna have to risk it all… He says that there will be times that following Him is gonna hurt… But following Him is worth doing… I know this, God needs us to lose part of ourselves so we can become more intimate with Him.”

Sometimes we cling too tightly to things we love or want or hope for. Those hopes are not bad. But they’re not as important as following Christ and letting Him write our story.

Darren sees the Lord at work in His life, but it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Maybe it’s the same in your life. Maybe things aren’t looking like you hoped. Maybe God has called you to a life that’s harder than you were expecting. Rest assured that He’s still at work and that the journey worth it. You are part of a bigger story – one that glorifies the perfect Creator who loves you.

“If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.” (Matthew 10:39)

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Missy P

Darren, This scripture reading is profound. Thank you for your honest perspective on being obedient to God’s calling. Essentially, we have to put God above everything else. This can be challenging at times.

Thank you.


A very brave man to leave so much behind in his life. He truly must love God !has given his whole life to Him.

Wow, this small group has been so spot on for me every day that I read it. God is very much so using you all to speak to so many of us. Jesus took my dad to heaven just over a year ago–one of my closest and best friends. My #1 biggest fear was living on this earth without my dad, but I’ve had to do so for over a year now. Darren said “God needs us to lose a part of ourselves so we can become more intimate with him.” I agree completely…I’ve experienced God in a different way… Read more »

Thank you for sharing


One thing I’ve realized is that before I became a true follower of God, life was somewhat easier because I could do whatever I want without putting one one before me, but once I realized what a true God lover is and how I need to put Him first in the beginning it wasn’t easier but I am growing day by day and I never regret that decision. Best decision ever. In my weakness He is forever strong

Cody D

I can relate with you on life being easier before becoming a Christian. Even though life is more difficult now, it was absolutely worth becoming a Christian. Now I have Good, Good Heavenly Father who is always there for me and will help me thru anything. THEN at the end of this life I get to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.


Such a beautiful & poignant message. God knows and rewards our obedience in many ways-sometimes subtle, sometimes bold! Thank you for sharing your message-very thought provoking!


I’ve always loved this verse.

Thank you for this testimony of your experience in God’s calling. I can relate, but it’s a very backwards story, mine. I was taken from the place God called me to, and made to come BACK to USA. It’s been one crazy trial after another, but God wants me to serve Him where I am. Love Him wherever I am, love Him more and most. Even the dream He planted in my heart is not what I should love most. It’s Him. He’s worthy to be loved most. It is He I should follow and make my priority. He’ll accomplish… Read more »

Thank you , those words was well received. The lord has taken my wife after 30 years together. Yes it’s very hard but I know god has a plan for us , he has started a Chagen in my life and I’m very gapeful for that. May god keep bless you and all of us amen..


Wow….this hit me this morning! One of my son’s just recently left home to attend a Discipleship Training School out of state and will leave the country in January for 2 months. After that, he plans on more training and more overseas mission trips to prepare for a life of full time Missionary work. Letting go has been hard, thank you for this reminder this morning! God first.


Thank you so much! They are words of comfort and challenge. Our God is a jealous God and we must follow him first.


We have to put Christ first in all things we do. For without Him we are nothing, He is the great provider. Take it “One day at at a time” and always give thanks and praise to the Lord.


I couldn’t agree more. Whenever we hold on to something other than Jesus, we take our eyes off of the one who holds it all and in holding too tightly to “things” we are destined to fall.


This hit me so hard I was in tears. I know I have been guilty so many times of clinging to this life,saying “your will be done”,yet still holding onto the things of this life I treasure, the dreams and plans I have, which may not be in God’s best plan for me. Dear Jesus, even if I have to pray this every day, please let me surrender every aspect of my life to you! Amen

I really connect with what he’s saying today. I’m struggling with my marriage right now and the biggest reason is because I have come back to Christ full force and have started making changes that reflect that. My husband is still living the life he always has and hats not grounded in Christ. I want desperately for him to find Christ and change his life for the better but I believe in what God says in today’s verse. We are going to have to make hard choices that may result in criticism from family or society but if we know… Read more »

What an awesome reminder wwe must put God first! Thanks for your honest and obident answer to Gods calling. This has lifted my spirit.

These daily devotionals have helped me to depend my trust in God. My parents are getting divorced after 40 yrs after my mother has had multiple affairs. Thru this latest affair she lied directly to my face multiple times. No daughter should experience this. This specific lesson has encouraged my convictions to keep distance and firm boundaries between myself and my mom u til she has better mental health. I have came to her rescue many times, but cannot risk her hurting my children like she has emotionally scarred myself. I will hold tight to these scriptures….THANK YOU! I will… Read more »

I always remember that God is in control especially for my life struggles right now and pray that God provides the right answer to the judge for my children.


When God is ultimately first place everything else will fall into place. It makes sense because I’ve seen people who say they love the Lord but when the storm came and something very tragic happened, their life fell apart. We have to be grounded in Christ because He doesn’t want our lives to fall apart. I do believe when we honestly lay this life down and pick up our cross and live for Him the freedom comes and we will understand what this verse truly means. Our God is love.

Shannon Kirchner

Wow…i needed to hear that. Thank you!!!


Great message. Yes it cost to follow Christ but it’s worth following that call.


Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing this with us, I know there is alot I need to learn from this group and implement in my own life. I’m struggling now so it’s difficult but reading these stories are helping.


Thank you for those words. It puts a lot into perspective for me.


Losing my mother this year, today’s lesson really hit home. It is hard to be away from your parents or children, but in the end, we have to go where God calls us to be. The struggle I have is that I believe that my daughter is being called to missions work internationally and that means I will not get to see her as much and that really hurts because we are so close, so I am learning that I will have to lose her so that God’s work can be done.

Thank you for sharing with all of us. I have not “lost” my life for any BIG Christian cause other than to just be a follower of Christ. I am 53 and when I was 19 I gave my life to Christ. In doing this I lost relationships with my mom, dad, and sisters. My mother accused me of being in a cult and that it was just a phase, she kicked me out of the house with the clothes I was wearing and the backpack on my back. It’s been hard living with knowing that my family is right… Read more »

Thank you very sharing that. You’re right. We have to give up ourselves and live faithfully.


Thank you Darren. I’ve been praying what I should do because I’m at a crossroads. God just used you to answer my question.


I pray for all of us that struggle with what these verses mean. My family is basically scattered to the 4 winds, and I miss them so much. But for the moment, I am where God has called me.


What a great testimony! Thank you.


Very powerful scripture! Sometimes we get so comfortable with our lifestyles that we follow our on goals and forget to follow the path that God wants us to take.

Thank you so much for sharing. Suffering of any kind will certainly test our faith and if we are truly willing to follow him. I am going through my biggest test so far in my 36 years of life, cancer. Thankfully God has put many people in my life to speak the truth even when it is a challenge to hear and live out. The worlds biggest small group and the topic of suffering couldn’t have come at a better time. I was diagnosed the week before it started. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to lead devotions and… Read more »
andrew pickett
Ya know, I read these verses and think, in most situations, the natural human instinct is to put yourself before any others, but it’s love for others that changes that prospective. But human beings will always still care about their well being. Christians in the middle East are putting their well being in harms way and some are getting murdered for their faith in God. Some days I’m not certain I have a strong enough love and faith in God to throw myself in harms way like that, but I believe I’m growing in my faith every day and I… Read more »

Wow! I needed this today. God reminded me how much I need Him in my daily life.


Really hit home today…..but it was very true. Thank you for leading today’s group.


Thanks so much for sharing. I’m learning so much from this group.


This is a good reminder too push through and follow God Through hard and easy times. Thank you for sharing


Well said Darren! I know that we tell God I will “GO” where He says… But, sometimes we forget, until He calls us out and really “calls our bluff” to see if we are truly willing to follow Him with our Whole Heart.

Doris Ripczinski

Awesome share! Thank you. Blessings


I never really think about the first part of that passage. Loving God more than my family. That is a tough calling. I think it’s easy to let my love for family get close to my love for God. This passage changes my perspective in making my schedule. I think I need to reprioritize my day.


Thank you for your message today. This hit me like s ton of bricks


Thank you for sharing your story with us today. I’ve been challenged to follow the Lord more closely than ever.

Cheryl J

I am enjoying every devotion and video. I loved especially what Darren said in his message today. Thank you for bringing me to The World’s Largest Small Group. My name is Cheryl and I am WAYFM.


Thankfully we live in a technological age where we can keep contact with our families while travels take us away from them. Skype, Facetime and the like allow for those face to face meetings through technology, but the most important message seems to be “remember to take time to walk in the garden”. As a father, Darren, remember to make time for this walk everytime you are in the presence of your child, and remember to walk in the garden with the Lord at all others.


Such a great testimony! I have really enjoyed this small group!! As I am struggling in my own life right now being a part of this group has helped so much.

Judy Robinson

Thanks for your Testemony Darren! God Bless you and your family ! Your comment about following Jesus sometimes it is gonna hurt is so true it does! God is so faithful to pour out his love and closeness in our suffering times though and he does turn it all out for good in the end I believe! God bless!


When I get jealous of what someone else has, I hear the Spririt tell me this is how our Lord feels about us. He gets jealous when we put other things first. I am thankful I can hear and I pray that I can truly stand up for Jesus, put Him first above all else. It’s not so much this life, but life afterwards that is eternal we must strive for. I hold onto hope to carry thru my present struggles, how God must be put first even above my son.

This particular message has really touched me in a profound way. I too moved away from all I know and while the distance may not be as far as Darren’s it is extremely difficult to leave your family behind. My parents are elderly and their health is declining and my sister and nephews are stuck in the inner city life that doesn’t bode well for their futures. It is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when what you love is left behind, Looking back at the last 6 years it is now that I am… Read more »
Eric Nishiyama

Great message!




My mom spent many years telling me I had to find faith. Later in life I became a believer and joined a fantastic bible believing church. My mom told me I found the wrong faith. Our relationship was never the same after that. I tried what I could to mend it and honor my mother, but there was too much bitterness in her to let go of old hurts. This scripture has always penetrated me, probably more that it should.


What a powerful message! It reminds us that we have to give ourselves wholly to God in order for him to do his work in our lives. We can’t fully love others until we’ve given ourselves over to him. He teaches us how to love others. Great message!