Read (from the New Living Translation)

Luke 7:44-48

44Then he turned to the woman and said to Simon, “Look at this woman kneeling here. When I entered your home, you didn’t offer me water to wash the dust from my feet, but she has washed them with her tears and wiped them with her hair. 45 You didn’t greet me with a kiss, but from the time I first came in, she has not stopped kissing my feet. 46 You neglected the courtesy of olive oil to anoint my head, but she has anointed my feet with rare perfume.

47I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.” 48 Then Jesus said to the woman, Your sins are forgiven.

Go Deep

We’re jumping right in! Darren from We Are Messengers starts off with a POWERFUL story showing us exactly what forgiveness looks like.

If God told you to confess everything wrong you’ve ever done to your spouse… would you do it? That’s what happened to Darren after he started following Jesus. His wife’s response… let’s just say it radically changed his view of faith and forgiveness forever.


Just before this video released, Darren was in a terrible accident on tour. Everyone in their crew is ok, but their tour bus and many of their belongings were burned in the fire.

It was a rough night. Join us in praying for everyone involved. If you want to help them replace a lot of their equipment so they can continue the tour, check out this link to their You Caring page.

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  1. Profile photo of Brenda

    Very moving. Because I know the MANY things I have been forgiven, I am compelled to extend that same love and forgiveness to those I meet. How else will they know what the love of God looks like?

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      Very simply stated but eloquently shown. Thanks Brenda for being a modern-day example of the Luke 7 woman.

  2. Simon Edghill

    what a confirmation scripture. This was the same scripture that we read in church yesterday and hearing it again for the second time in 2 days is just an eye opener. I like as Darren reminds us that we must “love much, for we have been forgiven much”.
    Praise God.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      Isn’t it amazing when God speaks to us the same way 2 days in a row? What a confirmation of living in His Light today! I wonder what His revelation will be tomorrow. What a loving, personal God we have!

    • Erica Jackson

      This is the second day I’ve heard that scripture too! Praise the Lord. He really is good.

    • Beth

      I don’t think it is ever God’s will for us to sin, but He can use our pain for his good. In my marriage, I have done wrong and so has my now ex-husband. Even though we are no longer together, the pain & anger continues. I am hoping to be able to forgive both myself and my ex-husband.

      • Rob Price

        Hello Beth, you are right God hates sin. Satan rules on earth and he causes sin in all our lives. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus died for the sin of man, this allow man to ask God directly for forgiveness of our sin. Jesus taught us forgiveness when he died on the cross he ask God to forgive those that had tortured and killed Him.
        We can be forgiven if we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ BUT we must also forgive to be forgiven. Having said this my question to you is, what have you got to loose by forgiving your X-husband? If you apologize and ask him for forgiveness, all those burdens you are carrying will be lifted by Jesus, He will carry your burden. Phrase God for all He does.

      • Profile photo of

        Beth, I am committing to praying for forgiveness over yourself and for your ex husband. It’s difficult but I know with God’s helpit can be given.

  3. Carrie

    I needed this today. My dad, we found out, cheated on my mom of 45 years. He didn’t admit it,this is what hurts alot. My mom found out by other way not because he will admit it. I pray for him as I know the lie and guilt are eating him up. My mom is a strong faith filled woman but you can see the hurt. With God’s help they will be able to get through this whatever may happen.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      Yes, we are all stubborn even when we’re wrong, aren’t we? Jesus had to stop Saul on the Damascus Road. Praying for Christ’s light & calling to be known by your dad today … and your mom to have the hurt washed by His blood today.

  4. Colin

    I loved the description of gra, first off. It seems English doesn’t have a lot of good words to describe great love.

    When Darren began to talk about forgiveness setting us free, not necessarily for the other person, it fit so perfectly into what I’ve been talking to one of my closest friends about. He has a hard time forgiving people in his life, and he has suffered because of it. I pray God will move through this video and biggest small group and touch his heart.

  5. Carolina

    I never thought I would forgive my husband for adultery, but God put it in my heart to forgive him and stand for my marriage. I found it easy to forgive my husband and the other woman, but I could not forgive my friends and his family that seemed to support his extramarital relationship. It took a long time to forgive them. Now that I have, I have peace and joy regardless that my husband is still with his mistress. I forgive my husband almost everyday, and I know this is the path God wants me to take. In my obedience to God I find happiness.

    • Bornelus

      God is able and good. I’m standing for my marriage as well.Forgiveness is not easy. I’ve forgiven my husband but not my mother in law. God will get us through this. You’re in my prayers.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      When we trust our loving Lord in faith, then we will see things happen beyond what we could ever imagine or do, because He is the Infinite God Who freely gives us His Abundant Grace. Thanks for your witness, Carolina. You know our Faithful Father so much greater through this.

    • Ladonna Huffman

      My first marriage ended in divorce because he cheated on me I don’t know God than we separate finally I divorce him July 2014 we were married 23 years he left me and our son in 2004 for another women separate for year 5 months after he left us I find Jesus like I never know Jesus I have forgiven my ex husband 2014 I remarried my husband now is nothing like my first husband He loves Jesus as we go to church all the time he is so of Jesus to learn about him we will be married about 3 years now on September 27 2017

  6. Profile photo of Angeliz

    Amazing word. Thank you.
    A perfect reminder that we don’t deserve his forgiveness, but his love for us is greater than any sin. And even still, chooses to forgive us. I am thankful for his forgiveness.

  7. Profile photo of kolleen

    Funny, the question of forgiveness has been on my heart all morning before seeing this. I am struggling with forgiving my soon-to-be ex husband, not of adultery but of other betrayals. I know I am called to forgive but I’m finding it so hard! I think because he has shown no repentance it is so much harder for me to forgive him, even though I know must. I will continue to pray to God to lead me to forgiveness.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      What rich comments! Yes, forgiveness is hard – and none of us can measure its difficulty for someone – but I am so glad you know God’s Amazing Grace which will carry you through this journey every step. Praying with you that you see the “green pastures” & “still waters” that our Shepherd-Lord will lead you to.

  8. Pamela Anne McCoy

    Thank you so much for sharing your forgiveness story. This has hit home for me because I am at a stage where I have been estranged with my father and we are just now starting to communicate again. Your words have challenged me and I thank you for your openness in sharing.

  9. Profile photo of Taelor Barnette

    This was so good! I have a question for anyone who wants to answer. I am 26 and nowhere near married, but I know that adultery is the one Biblical reason for divorce. Do you think God would only lay an assignment like this (confessing what you’ve done, forgiving the adulterer) on the hearts of a couple that he knew was going to stay together through it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • AMR

      I forgave my husband of 13+years of adultery. At first it was not something I wanted to do. I never thought I would stay. But I listened to God and my husband became a Christian, was able to stop drinking, and is now a good parent to our four daughters. He was very remorseful and sought forgiveness and repentance. I know God would still loves me even if I had left my marriage. There is not one answer to fit every story… I don’t think God allows it to happen to some & not to others. I think it is a consequence of living in a sinful world. I know my forgiveness of my husband’s actions set ME free. I know God wants me to forgive others.

      • SNS

        I am going through this as we speak..I never imagined this happening but I truly believe God brought me to this place for a reason and it has certainly brought me closer to Him…knowing that others have gone through this and been victorious is so comforting.I struggle with bitterness and depression right now.I’m trusting in God for my comfort and peace that all will be made new!

    • Joani Pederson

      I don’t believe that God only places this on couples that He knows will stay together. I was married for 32 years when my husband cheated on me. I was so hurt and angry at first, then Fear set in, then even though I had fallen out of love with him years ago, I still loved him. I talked to him about us getting counseling because we had taken a vow before God and family, my husband took 3 days before he answered me and had decided he wanted his mistress more then our marriage. Of course he didn’t say it like that, he said I think you and our daughter will be better off and happier without me. I have forgiven him but haven’t forgotten. You see I too have been forgiven of many many sins.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      A great question … that many good, spiritual people would differ on. My thoughts – Confession & Repentance are what God is desiring from us; His infinite Mercy & Grace takes care of the rest. He is so amazingly magnanimous! Pre-marital counseling is essential (as for all couples), but specific counsel is necessary regarding prior marriages, co-habitation, etc. & what has been learned through them. Aren’t you glad God takes our failures, redeems them & continues to build His Faithful work in us (Ephesians 2.8-10; Philippians 1.6)?

      • Profile photo of Ashley

        Thank you for you explanation to that question above! This whole message as been a huge eye opener I am so happy I was able to see this today! I’m praying for all of you to continue having faith and moving forward with everything!

    • Brit Maxx

      Hi Taelor,
      I used to think that adultery was the one biblical reason for divorce as well but then I heard a sermon from my pastor and he said there is nowhere in the Bible where it says it is ok for two believers to get a divorce (for adultery or any reason). I’ve looked myself and all I can find are the following:
      Matt 19:6
      Mark 10:9
      1 Cor 7
      This was hard for me to believe at first (and I definitely do not advocate for someone to stay in an abusive relationship) but I’ve come to believe that while there may be an appropriate time spouses should distance themselves from one another (for safety of heart and body) I think they should remain married. Praying and seeking support and working toward forgiveness during those times are what I think shows us to be like Christ. It is a powerful testimony when one acts in obedience and stays married and forgives their spouse of such a large betrayal. Especially in our time when people do not value the serious covenant of marriage. So, to answer your question, I think God expects a wife/husband to be as obedient in their forgiveness as the adulterous spouse to be in their confessing/true repentance.

  10. Profile photo of AWP

    I hurt because I know that I am not a priority in my dad’s life. He has his life, and i have never been able to get close. I have my own family now but it still hurts that months go by and I don’t hear a word from him. When I think of all the ways I have felt unwanted and unloved, I want to get bitter and angry and treat him the way he has treated me. But, I remember what I have been forgiven of and know that because of that I am to forgive him as well and show him the love of Christ. Thanks for this remarkable reminder today.

  11. Profile photo of shawn

    This is a really huge question, and one I would think a majority of people would struggle to answer. I know for myself, when I was married, neither myself or my wife was free of this sin. I did find out about her indiscretions, and I do not know if she ever was aware of mine. We have been divorced for 6 years now and I have gone and made an attempt at apology for all the things I did wrong while married, but I did not choose to expand upon what those things were as I didn’t wanna cause any further hurt. But I also believe that if God were to tell me to, I would have to come clean about it.

  12. Profile photo of shawn

    This is a really huge question, and one I would think a majority of people would struggle to answer. I know for myself, when I was married, neither myself or my wife was free of this sin. I did find out about her indiscretions, and I do not know if she ever was aware of mine. We have been divorced for 6 years now and I have gone and made an attempt at apology for all the things I did wrong while married, but I did not choose to expand upon what those things were as I didn’t wanna cause any further hurt. But I also believe that if God were to tell me to, I would have to come clean about it. That was a truly amazing story, that really resonates with me tho.

  13. Joni DeBord

    I appreciate the humility and honesty in the video. Yes, I find when I think about all that God has forgiven me for, then it is much easier to forgive others.

  14. Stephanie

    Wow. Just…wow. The stark honesty is amazing and moving.
    My marriage is on the brink of destruction at the moment. My husband has consciously made the choice to no longer love me. We have had some major issues including his adultry and my attempt at suicide. It was about a year ago that he told me he is leaving me and no longer wants to even try to love me. He has zero forgiveness for me and he is a very sad and bitter man as a result. I struggled greatly with forgiveness and trust after his second affair which greatly added to the problems we already had. In this past year I have grown closer and closer to God and have found forgiveness for my husband not only for his afffairs but for his choice to leave me and destroy our family. It is so incredibly freeing to forgive. And, I alive my husband so incredibly much. Somehow, although he says nothing has changed for him, we are still married and I pray every single day that God is able to soften his heart and redeem our relationship. I don’t think I could have gone on this long in this situation without the ability to forgive and I know that I couldn’t have that ability without God in me.

  15. Sarah

    First off….this entire page made me cry my eyes out. The verses, the video..I broke down crying and pushed my breakfast away. I have been where Darren has been. The only difference is, Jesus extends forgiveness to me where my husband does not. He holds hatred and ridicule over me ofte…but I know he is hurt. He says the meanest things a husband can say to a wife to me on a regular basis…but I know he is hurt, so I forgive him I am constantly being beaten with all of my mistakes. This past 2 years has been the hardest, most miserable time of my life. With that being said, I would absolutely forgive my husband if he did these things. Not only because I desire the same forgiveness, but because I would NOT want the pain eating me alive. I would want to move past the hurt and forgive him, because I love him. I hope someday he is able to forgive me and move past the hate. I don’t feel loved anymore, but I know that’s my fault. Darren’s wife’s response is what brought me to tears, because I so badly want that same thing from my husband. Chances are likely that’s never going to happen, though.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      I have prayed for our Miracle-working God to do the impossible for you. He loves reconciliation!

    • Amanda Carroll

      I am in your EXACT same situation. My husband is relentlessy unforgiving about my life before I was a Christian. I know he is hurt also, but he was the one raised a Christian, not I. It’s been hell to put it nicely. Goodness I thought I was the only woman on earth in this situation…

  16. Profile photo of Susan

    Thank you for honesty in relating to story of woman who has been forgiven much. We all are her -for any sin of thought or action is offense to holy God. I need to turn and reflect what Jesus has done for me by forgiving too. I would love for someone to say they see Jesus (& forgiveness) in me.

  17. Profile photo of Myfaithwillstand1622

    Forgiving my husband of adultery was very hard. I always thought he is too good for that, but no one is I guess. It hurt deep for him to come out and tell me the truth 3 years after the incident. I knew I would have to forgive him for me to grow as a christian. I couldn’t let his sinful act change my perception of God wants us to do. Is love others above all else like he did. What he did was wrong and he is remorseful for it, but we are stronger for it too.

  18. Margie

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was very touching & you have a true heart for God! 🙏🏼❤

  19. Profile photo of Crystal

    Daren thank you for sharing and being so open. I have had a hard time forgiving my niece who is a drug addict. So going this study will walk me through it.

  20. Vicki

    WOW…..Darren, I so admire you for stepping out in faith so boldly!

  21. Profile photo of pastormatt

    I will implement the word Gra in my vocabulary and it may even make it into a sermon soon. I too have been forgiven much, so i should forgive much!

  22. Profile photo of Spechuls

    There are so many comments from people struggling to forgive the people closest to them, but it seems that they are not recognizing the biggest mountain to climb. We must first forgive ourselves and that is probably the most difficult. When we openly and honestly confess our sins to God and truly accept God’s forgiveness our focus changes. When our hearts are cleansed…emptied of the trash…the capacity to hold love is incredible. We will never readily forgive others until we are ready to truly forgive ourselves and have faith in God’s forgiveness.

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      So true … God does not withhold His forgiveness. I must not either. It is indeed true freedom in His Spirit!

  23. Profile photo of Chip

    I just had my divorce finalized. I fought it for 3 years trying everything i could. I don’t know for sure but my wife started living with someone i thought was my friend before the divorce was finalized. I was hurt for a long time. It took a lot of prayers before i realized that i did not deserve Gods forgiveness. So what made me better than my ex-wife? Nothing at all! I have forgiven them for everything i know and don’t know. It lifted a hug weight off of me. I know that when the Lord calls me home i will not have this on my soul.

  24. Profile photo of lorilu

    Incredible story shared by Darren! What a blessing to be forgiven.
    As a young single parent, I’ve often had to “own up” to my less than stellar parenting skills.i parented with too little patience and too high expectations. My way or the highway! Feeling responsible for everything, I overcompensated in all the wrong ways… I’ve apologized and asked for forgiveness from my now adult child, many times. I am also blessed to be forgiven… Not all families forgive.
    I realize how very important it it, to share that grace and forgiveness with others, especially since I certainly didn’t (still do not) deserve the cross. Not everyone that has passed through my life has been a delight– some have brought hurts– they too needed forgiveness. Only because of God, has that been possible!
    All glory to Father God!!

  25. Cody Deno

    Today’s message makes me think of Colossians 3:13, which says,”Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.”

    I find it the hardest to forgive those who are closest to me, especially my parents. When we get in arguments, things are said and done that we regret (sometimes we say downright mean things) and we are angry at each other for a while. Thankfully, we haven’t let these things push us apart as a family. Thankfully, we forgive each other.

  26. Chris

    Forgiving adultery is very difficult, as a wife who has struggled with this I can tell you that I have had to pull every bit of GRACE God has to offer to forgive and hold my marriage together … this betrayal is one of the hardest for a marriage to move past. Jesus’s examples of forgiveness is our model to follow but it is a very difficult road and for those who have never been there I just want you to also remember that judging the women who is able to forgive does not make anyone’s world better please be supportive and not judgmental. She is trying to live her world according to the word of God.

  27. Faith Barnett

    Thank you Darren for being so open with your experience. It is a testimony of God’s love for us. Forgiveness, though it may be very difficult to offer it is the most freeing feeling. Like you stated, when we forgive we release ourselves from a heavy burden we have been carrying. At the same time if the confession is sincere ii also frees the forgiven person and brings that relationship to a whole new level of love – God’s love. I too have been forgiven many, many sins therefore who why would I not be willing to forgive others?

  28. Julie Pitts

    Clarifying our lives through the Gospel of Jesus always seems to lead to a better understanding of him and our purpose on Earth.

  29. Patricia

    No. I have not been able to. I tried.. Thought I did forgive him..But I realized I hadn’t. Almost 30 years he did this. Guess I’m not as good as others …..They can forgive…I just can’t… Our whole life together has been lies as and his I guess being a sex addict.

  30. sonny

    I started a growth group at my church a few weeks ago. On forgiveness. The book is by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, before reading this book I was forgiving all wrong . I never noticed the first line after the Lord’s prayer before and am taking it took it to a whole different meaning. I am working on forgiving but want to do it correctly this time. I have forgiven her my way and working on God’s way. Darren I pray you are all ok and thank you for all you do. I saw you at Spanish river church in Boca Raton and it was a great show. I also thank ALL of way fm for continuing daily in my growth spiritually.

  31. Willyfrog

    What a testimony, God has forgiven us, we need to forgive yourselves so we can see the wonders that God has in store for us, me.

  32. sharmika brookins

    WOW 😶😮

  33. Jennifer

    Wow!I see God working in my life about forgiveness. I’m so thankful that the theme of World’s Biggest Small Group is forgiveness because I know God is speaking directly to me. Thank you! Thank you to Darren for sharing his story. Such an encouragement for so many. And, to Heidi for loving your husband despite. You’re an amazing woman and your actions show us God’s love for all. Like Darren said, he fell in love with Jesus. It’s the encounter of her forgiveness that he fell in love with Jesus and saw Jesus in Heidi!

  34. This was good to hear today. I’ve been in 2 bad marriages and engaged again. All 3 cheated on me. Right wrong or indifferent I want to be married to the right man. But even them it has really left a mark on my ❤.
    Even though your wife must have lots of thoughts of what is it in sure she was relieved when you confessed to her because that meant you trusted her love for you.
    Thanking God that all of you were unharmed and prayers that all tha5 was lost will be returned to you.

  35. Jennifer

    Darren, I am humbled by how open and honest you were about your sins. I would not, and could not, be as open. I am ashamed of many manipulative and hurtful things I have said and done in my marriage. I agree with the comment that we must forgive ourselves as well. However, I find that very difficult knowing I would make the same choices again.
    As I listened to Darren’s testimony and read the various replies, I have given serious thought to how I would react if I found out my husband had an affair. I don’t think I would be able to forgive him. He has and continues to hurt me emotionally by physically withholding himself. We have gone to marriage counseling and each of us has gone to individual counseling over the years. We had a few good months/years, but nothing grand. I long for the Gra we had. So, given our current situation of living as housemates, I’d have to say I would use an affair as the final straw and get a divorce.

  36. Profile photo of chenglis

    I love the world’s biggest small group. It’s one of my favorite experiences ever. Thank you WAY-FM for holding these online groups.

  37. Glenda

    I forgave my husband of adultery. He had an emotional affair with a woman. It started through Facebook and then she began calling him and texting him. She was trying to convince him to leave me mad our 2 children. I found out about it and when I confronted him he took his phone and crushed it so I couldn’t see the messages between them. He wanted to leave and go to California to his parents (which conviently the girl was only a 1/2 an hour away from. He ended up staying but for the first 3 months after he was living in a separate room and we were hardly speaking. My husbands best friend happened to be our Pastor who had recently moved. Him and his wife were going through some major health issues so we had no one to talk too. At first I was angry. Angry at him and angry at God. I couldn’t believe after 13 years this could be happening. I thought we were solid. Eventually my anger towards God went away and I began to pray for my marriage. I asked God to restore my marriage and help me forgive. It is now a year later and my husband has no contact with her and we are good again. Marriage is a struggle and you have to have God to win.

  38. Profile photo of aridgeway

    I always thought that if my husband ever cheated on me that that would be the end. I would walk away and never look back. Then it happened, and the worst part about it was that I saw it coming and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. We were both in a very dark place at the time trying to cope with depression, for different reasons, and needing each other in ways neither of us were capable of at the time.

    He told me that he had been with this other woman and that he wanted a divorce. I had never been so heart broken. We had been married just over 2 years and our oldest son was 9 months old. The thought of being a single Mom was terrifying. But the strongest feeling I had was to fight. I couldn’t sleep, I could barely eat, I cried over everything and I prayed non-stop for months. I forced myself to get over (or at least hide) my depression long enough to convince him to stop seeing her and stay with me and our son. He stayed, my prayers were answered and that was only the beginning of my learning to truly forgive him.

    I love him with all my heart. He still to this day apologizes to me for having done and said the things that he did. And I always tell him I forgive him. But we have been married 12 years now and have another son and a baby on the way. I was not easy but we could not be happier.

  39. Susan

    This was my first time with the world’s biggest small group. What a way to get started!!!! Thanks for making this such an easy thing to incorporate into my day. I know I will take away something strong and positive.

  40. Lynda

    Someone hurt me with rejection. It took two years to stop beating myself up over my mistakes and feeling foolish. I tell myself that I have forgiven the other person, but how do I know it is true forgiveness, not merely shrugging off the hurt?

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      Forgiveness does not mean that I will not continue to struggle with wanting to “take back” my forgiveness. That’s just who we are in our hearts. But forgiving in the power of Jesus means that as soon as I start considering unforgiveness, I give the whole matter back to God & ask for His “recreation” in my heart to move forward in freedom & new opportunities. I trust Him for my present & my future.

  41. Profile photo of Robin

    By forgiving and loving others, we reflect the love and grace of our Lord and Savior. If we can’t forgive someone, why do we expect our Lord to forgive us?

  42. Profile photo of erica_h80

    I needed to be reminded that I’m forgiven. I want to love and forgive like that.

  43. April

    I love this! This opened my eyes to so many things that I have been holding on to in my life that just keep making me angry. Hearing these words and really hearing the beauty of forgiveness, I know I need to forgive and move forward as we have been called to do. Great way to start this journey!!

  44. Erica

    I love this scripture and hearing his story. It reminds me of a study my church small group did of The War Room. When it comes to situations of adultry and harm in our marriage we have to remember who the real traitor is, satan. he is the one trying to destroy what God has put together. I have never experienced this in my marriage, but my mother in law has and watching her gracefully accept things and have so much faith in God and not getting mad at anyone is such an amazing example of showing Gods love even when we are hurt by someone.

  45. Bridget Madero

    I am really struggling with forgiveness right now towards my ex husband who committed adultry and tore our family apart. I totally resent what he did to us and what he does now. I know being a woman of God that I have to forgive him but I’m just having a very hard time doing that right now. I have heard from my Pastor–read about it and hear others say that forgiveness will help the healing process, as well as, set me free. I try to forgive him and when I feel like I am ready to, he does something that puts me back at step one of struggling to forgive him. I am now going to begin counseling because it is tearing me up inside.

  46. Jenny

    Praying for you and your crew, Darren! Thank you for sharing!

  47. Profile photo of Missy P

    Because of God’s grace, I can face another day. When I struggle with forgiveness, I ask God to forgive me. This process is ongoing.

  48. GPS

    My husband had a massive stroke two and a half years ago at age 48. The man he became afterwards was completely different from the man I married 25 years earlier. A year ago next month he moved out of our bedroom to a spare bedroom with no real reason other than he said he felt like he was keeping me up at night because he couldn’t sleep well. He had become more withdrawn from me and our marriage and our family. I looked at his phone one day and found some very inappropriate websites he had been visiting. I got angry at him,and at God for everything our family had been through the past two years. I know I need to forgive, but I am so hurt and have become so bitter I don’t know where to start anymore. My husband didn’t just hurt me, he hurt our grown children who once adored him. How can reconciliation take place when so many are hurting?

  49. Wendy

    Wow I hope that someday I feel the ability to forgive as Heidi and Jesus. So inspiring.

  50. Profile photo of Synergetichealg

    Darren, I too know what it is like to be forgiven for adultery. When my husband forgave me within 24 hrs of sharing all that I had done my heart wept. I knew my husband was a man of God and how much God loves me. Because there is no way that could have ever happened without God in our life. We just celebrated 20 yrs of marriage this past week.

  51. Profile photo of Kelly

    What a great example of God’s love for us. Thanks for the reminder.

  52. Profile photo of Mbamtx

    Thank you for the reminder that none of us are infallible and yet we are all forgiven if we seek it and that God’s love for us is eternal. One thing I struggle with is actually forgiving myself but can readily forgive others. I have to constantly read this verse and others to believe that even though I have stumbled at times in my life, the Lord forgives me and asks that I in turn do the same to others and share His Love through me. I have finally forgiven myself for the mistakes of the past and am walking with Him. However, my mistakes caused pain in my family. I am praying that my daughter finds forgiveness in her heart and that our relationship be restored. I pray that my ex husband find forgiveness as well so that we may raise our children through coparenting in a healthy way. I pray this for them and not for me. I thank Jesus every day for coming and dying so that my sins were forgiven and for the relationship I now have with Him. Thank you Jesus!

  53. Alexandra Pericles

    I thank God for this scripture as I have a hard time forgiving my boyfriend for our past. And yet everything I have done to him is much worse and i haven’t been abls to forgive myself for it. And because of this I am tormented with anger bitterness guilt and sadness.

  54. Paula Slack

    Wow! What a beautiful testimony. I pray I can find someone one day who can love me that much here on earth. I know my heavenly father does already. But most men I have been with used it all against me….to beat me up with it, to manipulate, for control.

  55. Erica Jackson

    I understand the religious loving Darren is talking about. I’m struggling with that right now, and I’m praying and hoping that the Lord will change my pharisaical love to the all consuming love the woman from the bible verse showed Jesus.

  56. Randy

    This has brought tears to my eyes and I can’t find the words to say. I need prayer for encouragement because I have talked to my wife about this. But I talked around about adultery and not straight out admit it. I think because I’m ashamed.

  57. Profile photo of Fawn Coba

    I would find it difficult to forgive my spouse for adultery. I would forgive the first offense, but if my souse’s adultery continued with no sign of repentance or remorse…. I don’t think it is in the best interest of myself or the children to stay married. You can’t serve two masters… you can’t have a spouse and a mistress/mister. One will be loved and the other one will be despised for getting in the way of your love for the other (or more likely your lust for the other). Either you respect your spouse and hold your marriage sacred or you don’t… and Whether we like to admit it or not, the children are watching and learning from both the spouse that is cheating and the spouse who is being cheated on. It’s okay to forgive, but it isn’t okay to enable your spouse to keep on cheating.

  58. Profile photo of Knenoff00

    This shows that none of us are perfect but God is. It is so helpful to me to see people I look up to as Christians admit their wrongs. It seems so hard at times but then I think if this person was able to then I can do it in my little life. Thank you for sharing your story.

  59. Profile photo of Traci Strange

    This really not just spoke to me but screamed at me! My husband and I have a loving relationship but I always thought I was being the better person by telling him that if he ever felt like he needed to stray to love me enough to let me go first! But this story really woke me up and made me realize that I was being the selfish person when I thought I was being better person. I had to tell my husband yesterday that I hope he forgave me because when I told him I hope he loved me enough to let me go if he wanted to stray I realized I had a love him enough to not let him go if he did!



  61. Erica

    I did forgive my husband for cheating on me and walking out on our family. God seems to have a way of showing you what needs to be done and how to do it. My husband was gone with this other woman for 3 nights while I sat at home praying and crying. After the 3 nights they came back to town and something happened and he quickly realized that he messed up everything for nothing because she left him. I forgave him and we went through marriage counseling and things are GREAT now with us. God showed us that we needed to invest more in each other and in the Word!

  62. Profile photo of Lgalo21

    what a powerful story and confession. God bless tou

  63. Heather

    One word to the question posed Yes! and I have.

  64. Michelle

    This study is meant for me. My marriage of 20 years is coming to an end; not of my doing. I LOVE my husband with all my heart and soul and I do not want this. He has decided that he is not in love with me anymore and he wants to see what the next chapter of his life is. Well, before we were even separated, I found out that he slept with someone. I am not sure if that relationship has continued or not; but he is has become a very cold and hateful man. He has become a different man and I am finding it very hard to forgive him for what he has done to me, to our children and to our family. This bible study could not have come at a better time in my life right now. Thank you so much.

  65. Georgia

    When I found evidence, about 4 years ago, that my husband had not been faithful to me while we were dating & has been watching porn for all of our 20+ years together, I did NOT want to forgive. Jesus whispered to me, ‘If you cannot forgive him, which of my stripes shall I put upon your back? The Word of God says, ‘Judge not lest you be judged.’

    I will forgive in order to receive forgiveness and enjoy salvation anytime!! Praise the Lord that He is faithful!

  66. Tina Ledbetter

    I believe that forgiveness is absolutely necessary for our freedom but it sometimes is also a process. Especially for the very hurtful things like abuse. This is a great example of pure forgiveness. I absolutely loved it.

  67. Profile photo of CarrieAnn71272

    I love that once he confessed to his wife he saw and fell in love with Jesus. True testimony that we are His hands and feet. Let others fall in love with Jesus because Jesus is in your heart. Beautiful!

  68. Karen

    I just found out my husband of 38 yrs had a 6 yr relationship with his secretary. How is it possible to forgive and still be together? It hurts..

    • Profile photo of WAY-FM

      So sorry to hear of this. We will pray for you in the middle of this, and our Prayer Pastor Dave is out this week, but we will forward this to him. I’m certain he’ll continue to lift you up, too.

  69. Profile photo of tcreech

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. I think this message will encourage a lot of people to admit their sin and ask for forgiveness.

  70. anna

    i have hurt a friend saying that i was leving this school

  71. Ronnie

    We will be married 29 years in July and I forgave and forgave and forgave and found out last night he has never stopped. Meeting men and women. We got in church 20 years ago this year after him having affairs. I changed my whole life and I guess he didn’t ! I don’t know what to do at this point! He has been in church everytime the doors are open and a youth leader and the whole 20 years living a double life

  72. Shelieana

    I have forgiven a spouse for committing adultery, for my kids father did this multiple times and it took a long time to forgive him. With God I have forgiven him and now he is a Preacher has a church and I can even go and sit in his church and have fellowship. The devil always tries to bring up the thing he did to me and the kids, but I serve an Awesome God and He gets me though everyday. So if you are struggling with forgiving your spouse for committing adultery, just remember no one is perfect. Just give it to Jesus and he will do the rest.

  73. Katrina Sadier

    I’m going through this right now. My husband is having an affair with a co-worker. I am praying for her marriage as I do not want the devil to destroy us. He has bipolar disorder. And as begin drinking again as this woman is an alcoholic as well. If anyone would like to pray that God would keep our marriage together and save my husband’s soul from hell I would greatly appreciate it period I’m not ready to give up on my marriage and let the devil win. We have 33 years together. In Jesus name my marriage will be saved amen.

    • Katrina Sadier

      Sorry for my typos my phone has a mind of its own

    • Profile photo of Pastor Dave WAY-FM

      Certainly praying to our miracle-working God about this. I pray your husband will come to know the loving grace of our Savior.

      • Katrina Sadier

        Thank you.

  74. Bonnie

    I pray that I can forgive each and every day. Forgiveness is not easy when people you love keep doing things that hurt you and others you love over and over again. It is insanity but I pray that I can continue to forgive because Jesus forgives us. I am learning that other people that do the same things wrong over and over again need prayer and forgiveness.

  75. Nellie Johnson

    Ironic (and yet not really) that this is the first topic. Have been struggling with this very issue for 2 years. My husband of nearly 20 years has had sexual intercourse with 18 other women throughout those years. Painful doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I am going through. I am still here, still married, but it is a struggle. I KNOW God expects me to forgive, but right now it feels so very hopeless.

  76. franca

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  77. Kelly

    I am struggling with forgiving someone who doesn’t see wrong in what they do. They justify their actions. It’s all under the surface, it’s all hidden, all in darkness, but it’s oppressive. We are treated as if we are idiots, and made to feel guilty about things that just aren’t true. I try to wait and watch, I try not to be angry, but my family is getting so weary. I am getting so weary. I want things to be resolved, and I cringe at the words in the song “What I Know” by Tricia Brock: “…And if it doesn’t turn out like I think it should, it doesn’t change the fact you’re always good…” I can’t imagine this. I can’t imagine our lives ending and God not fixing this…

  78. Profile photo of

    Wow, such a great topic. I wonder where the defining line would be in someone’s heart on both ends of the spectrum – the one cheating on their spouse and the one being cheated on. Every story on this platform is very insightful and sheds light on a very difficult subject. I just wonder about repeatedly sinning as the other half consistently forgives and the one cheating doing so consistently even though it is wrong…in this scenario it sounds like a heart would be taking advantage of another heart, and since I don’t know their heart’s intention it is hard to say… so, if the spouse being cheated on continues to freely give forgiveness and cheating still occurs, when does it become abuse for her? and if it isn’t abuse, how does someone know if for those significant moments they are unable to reach the one cheating on an inner heart level?

    • Profile photo of

      PS: I am not in this situation. I am simply posing a few questions. I feel it is vital to gain clarity through prayer fasting or whatever means you feel being put on your heart…but how hard is this to do when I can imagine emotions are flying all over the place. Thank God for God!!

  79. B.

    We are coming up on our 31st anniversary. 10 years ago my husband cheated on me multiple times. When I found out (3 years after it occurred), I fell apart. I filed papers for divorce, but didn’t follow through, because he poured himself into recovery. He joined two mens groups (Sampson society and New Adam). He also went to tons of therapy. Not just for our marriage, but b/c he had been on a path that leads to death. The road to healing was overwhelmingly difficult. Forgiveness is not easy and it sometimes has to be done daily. But when I look back, I know there were two things I did right. Even though I fell away from the Lord, I knew I still belonged to him and he still loved me. I knew he would come find me and he did. The two things I did right were that I stayed in the marriage (this was right for me, it may not be applicable to your situation) and I kept going to church. Sometimes I would go to church drunk. Sometimes that was the only way I could cope, but I stayed, and eventually God restored me, my husband and my marriage.

  80. Tim L

    For me, I had to come to forgive my ex-wife from committing adultery and filing for divorce . First I think you have to come to forgive yourself. I did a lot of horrible things in our marriage (that her and the kids didn’t deserve) and by Gods grace he has forgiven me and wiped all my sins away. The trials for the past two years have not been easy but I think God for them. He brought me back to him in all of this and it has been the most freeing, joyous time of my life. Like I said for anyone reading this it will not be easy (God tells us this in scripture) but stay faithful to Him and He will deliver you out of your bondage. God is good! No, God is great!!! Amen, I love you Abba

  81. A

    I am going through something similar,God had also told me that I should go and tell my husband what I had done that went against our marriage vows. My story didn’t turn out similar, my husband has not been able to forgive me and it’s been about a year since I first told him and he still struggles with trust. I wonder sometimes why would God have me tell my husband if all I see him go through is hurt and doubt. I do know that because of this situation we are in my husband has turned and looked for God to help him deal with all this. I know that at the end of all this it will be Gods name that will be glorified in restoring my marriage and though it might seem rough now this situation has brought my husband and myself closer to God.

  82. Tiffany

    I have struggled to continue to forgive my ex-husband of 18 years of marriage now for the past 9 years due to the fact that he continues to make selfish choices that directly affect our kids. It has been difficult to raise them without much financial help, and it’s hurtful to see him living the lavish lifestyle and traveling multiple times a year when I am working several jobs to make ends meet. 7 X 70 seems like a small number compared to how many times I have had to struggle to truly forgive and move on. We do not communicate at all…reconciliation seems like it isn’t even a possibility since we live such different lives now. I pray daily for relief and for freedom from the hurt he has caused. The one good thing that has come out of all this is my children have a deep and abiding relationship with the Lord and they have been able to reconcile to a certain degree as they continue to be respectful to their father.

  83. Profile photo of Rebelforchrist

    Wow. He’s saying exactly what I needed to hear. God is so amazing that way.