DSC_8816-thmb Welcome to the World’s Biggest Small Group. We have partnered with the Wayfinding Bible, and in 8 weeks we are going to read through the Bible. I know that sounds daunting, but we are going to do this by taking the Wayfinding Bible’s fly-over route, where we will explore the major concepts of the Bible in only about 50 readings. There are two other routes you can follow that will take you deeper should you choose to after we finish.

The idea behind this is for all of us to go deeper in our faith by finding out who God is by spending time in his word. I am excited about this because I have not read through the Bible and I really anticipate this changing the way I live out my faith on a daily basis.

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It’s simple!  3 Ways to Join!

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Get Involved

To remove any excuses not to get involved, we have made the World’s Biggest Small Group free and easy. Plus, the more involved you are, the more points you will earn for a chance to see the things you have read in the Wayfinding Bible in real life with a Grand Prize trip to the Holy Land.

  1. Stay up to date on the blog here. Leave us a comment. Comment on someone else’s comments. Tell us something you learned.
  2. Join our Facebook Group. You have an account, now you might as well put it to good use.

If you’re still not convinced this will be both fun and life changing, watch this:

The Contest

  1. Create an account by signing up above.
    1. You can earn 10 points each day you complete a reading and check in on the sidebar (maximum of one check-in per day, resetting each morning by 6 AM CST).
    2. You can also earn hundreds of bonus points with the checkboxes.
  2. Every 10 points you accumulate gives you another entry into the drawing for our Grand Prize trip for two to the Holy Land (the real one in Israel, not the theme park in Florida).
  3. You may earn points until December 1, 2013. Points will be tallied and a winner will be selected and announced before December 10, 2013. All official rules can be found here.
  • Coupon Queen

    HI, I cannot download it onto my iphone.

    • Jo W.

      Most eBooks wont read on iPhones without the iBook app installed. Do you have that app? Also, try downloading it to your computer and transferring it to you iPhone using the “book sync” functions. You may have to manually sync the phone though. :)

    • Michelle Ramer

      i downloaded the kindle version and it opened in my kindle app on my ipod touch

  • Guest

    I couldn’t download either. I wanted to download on my computer but didn’t see that as an option.

  • Minida Dowdy

    I looked at Amazon to download but it says preorder for delivery on Oct 8 …

  • disqus_VXTckPk0G0

    I joined per boxes above and have as of yet not received any form of notifications? I also am having downloading issues….I was able to download epub reader to my samsung galxy s2 tablet but when I type in the wayfinding bible as shown above it does nothing, any advice?

    • Lydia

      My email was in my junk mail. If you add them to your email contacts the email will show up in your regular inbox tomorrow.

      • Jessica Broy

        i found the same thing. I have g-mail and mine was under my “promotions” tab

        • disqus_VXTckPk0G0

          ty received today’s reading

      • disqus_VXTckPk0G0

        ty I received todays reading no problem. I have comcast NOTHING ever goes to spam lol

      • Keith Conville

        Who do the emails come from? I signed up this morning and want to set my filters to push it through. Thanks!

        • disqus_VXTckPk0G0

          mine said the wally show and way fm with an address of wurfbot=wurfertopia.net@mail34.atl11.rsgsv.net;

          • Keith Conville

            Received it this time, thanks!

  • Lisa Manns

    this is awesome. I am having major issues with the download but I will get this..

  • Lisa Calderone Lang

    I am apparently a download disaster… still working on it … am I even signed up ?? Yikes… !

  • Dawn Williams

    Didn’t have any problems with the download on my iPad but where do I find the reading number?

    • Minida Dowdy

      it is on the reading calendar (Oct 1 = day 1)

  • Unique Jenique

    Can anyone help? How do I download the stuff to my Android?

  • Christina Herrera Mejorado

    I figured out for the ipad when PDF downloads at the top right if you put your curser ofer the top it gives you the option to open it in iBooks then you will find it in your iBook library under PDF

    • Kathy Wasson Schaeffer

      I got it to work from Christina’s instructions. I was also able to download a sample from iBooks.

  • dena adams

    I accessed the download on my phone, samsung galaxy S4 and when the download is complete and I attempt to open it says “file can not be found” can someone please help me with this? Thank you

  • Elise

    I just downloaded it on my laptop after hours of trying to get it on my iPhone….it would circle like it was working on it, then just stop with nothing done…oh well, it’s on my computer so I’m satisfied

  • Maria Sayle-Terry

    loaded on my kindle reader on the computer but no success downloading on my Kindle. Amazon can’t find the free download only the full version that is $9.99.

    • Juliana Helwig

      Maria I can’t find it on my Kindle either… so frustrating!

      • Adele Konyk

        could not find it either–had to download on my laptop for now

      • Dawn Hoffman Dorestal

        After I downloaded it on to my Kindle I couldn’t find it either, so I connected my Kindle to my computer. I found it in my Kindle downloads file and transferred it to the Kindle Docs file. Hope this helps.

    • Suzy

      My Kindle has an email address that ends in kindle.com. What I do is: download the file to desktop, then send it as an attachment to the kindle.com email. What Amazon does is submit that file to your kindle reader. Sync it, then check. Hope it works.

  • Danielle

    I am very excited to do this study! I was pretty excited also when I read in Chapter 2 verse 4 & 5 that ‘wild plants and grains’ were not on the earth before Adam and Eve. This really makes me question things like the Paleo diet and its concept about ‘not’ eating grains. It kinda makes sense! If Im understanding this correctly, Adam and Eve did not eat grains until after Adam received his ‘sentence’ of working the ground. In Chapter 3:18 the Bible says “It will grow thorns and thistles for you, though you will eat of its grains.”

  • Joel Johnson

    I have to say that I have read Genesis many times even did so as a kid with my church quiz team and nvr really thought about their being two tree’s in the center of the garden and Adam nor Eve ever taking fruit from the tree of life. Weird how one can sit and read something 50 times but nvr grasp the small things till their pointed out.

  • disqus_VXTckPk0G0

    I am going off base here a little but am wondering if anyone may know how I can have my own name show instead of this disqus….thing that shows when I post?

    • Suzy

      When you’re signed in through Disqus, scroll to the top of the comments here, you’ll see a little gear icon on the right, click it. Then go to Edit Settings, Profile, Add your name & Save changes.

  • Heather

    Can someone please forward me the reading for day 1? I signed up too late to get it and don’t want to miss out. my email is bookworm2105@yahoo.com

    • Rhonda Ann Stevens

      If you got it, could you send me day 1 & 2′s, please? =D My address is stevensr1@usd385.org

    • Melissa Cornthwaite Shelton

      Can you forward this to me as well? mshelton78@gmail.com Thank you!

  • Emily Rarick

    Could someone please forward me readings for days 1 and 2? I just signed up. My email is chrisnemilyrarick@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • Adele Konyk

    Downloaded on my laptop for easy regular access…Could not find the e kindle version for windows phone on amazon…

  • Robin

    Just started tonight and very excited…

  • Patti Hahnl

    Can I get it to download on my Nook? If so, how?

    • Paula G.

      I downloaded the free e-book to my Nook by simply clicking the link above – it downloaded as a pdf file. Go to the website with your Nook. It took a long time, so don’t get impatient if it doesn’t seem to be working. I found the e-book under Library/My Files in a folder called Download. The name of the file is WF_flyover_route_Gen-Rev.pdf
      Paula G.

  • GS Wood

    Imagine Mt. Everest covered with flood water…

  • Lynn

    I signed up yesterday but didn’t get my reading today. My email is lynn.massey@recordquest.com Lynn

  • Betty Bates-Watkins

    I am enjoying this daily reading so much. I downloaded the Wayfinding Bible to my computer from the adobe pdf today and it is so much nicer than reading just word in an email. Thank you for putting the pdf version out there today.

  • Christina Herrera Mejorado

    @JKColeHe made them to govern over the day and night. On the first day, he
    created “light” itself with Him being the source of it without any
    thing to hold it in or control how much. He did this so that there
    would be something besides darkness for us to live in. So he has to
    first separate this massive amount of light from the darkness befo
    re he “portioned it out in just the right amount for us to survive
    during the day AND during the night 💁
    Those perfect portions are the Sun and the stars and the moon

  • Georgeann

    Anyone who is having a problem downloading the Bible, please give me your email address. I will email to you and you can open in your iBooks or Kindle app.

  • Adele Konyk

    Can anyone explain to me how you earn extra points? I don’t see any checks to get additional points.
    Plz help…

  • Lisa

    I misunderstood the reading log in and thought it asked …well anyway I put in 46 instead of the day I started reading ….anyone know how I can reset this?

    • Lisa

      This is for the daily check in…

  • Keith Conville

    So, is this actually Day 4 or 5? I’ve read everything including the “Get your bearings: The Beginning” through today “The Lord’s Covenant…”, but I noticed that I logged today in as Day 4, but is says 5 on one of the sheets.

  • lara

    smiles love this

  • Tiffany

    Can we use a regular NIV bible??

  • Anna Ciresi

    I recently heard about this reading program. I think it’s an amazing idea to get this many Christians reading together and having a dialog over the reading. I’m afraid I’m starting too late in the program. Should I just start on day one on my own?

  • celeste

    i am trying to sign in for the past 4 days but it wont let me.

  • http://lovezack.blogspot.com/ Zeke

    What day are you on?