DSC_8816-thmb Welcome to the World’s Biggest Small Group. We have partnered with the Wayfinding Bible, and in 8 weeks we are going to read through the Bible. I know that sounds daunting, but we are going to do this by taking the Wayfinding Bible’s fly-over route, where we will explore the major concepts of the Bible in only about 50 readings. There are two other routes you can follow that will take you deeper should you choose to after we finish.

The idea behind this is for all of us to go deeper in our faith by finding out who God is by spending time in his word. I am excited about this because I have not read through the Bible and I really anticipate this changing the way I live out my faith on a daily basis.

There are so many ways you can be part of the World’s Biggest Small Group. Sign up for our daily email, download the free Wayfinding Bible eBook for your smart phone, e-reader, or computer. You can also join our Facebook group or purchase the Wayfinding Bible at your local Christian bookstore.

To remove any excuses not to get involved, we have made the World’s Biggest Small Group free and easy. Plus, the more involved you are, the more points you will earn for a chance to see the things you have read in the Wayfinding Bible in real life with a Grand Prize trip to the Holy Land.

So join the World’s Biggest Small Group today. The video below will help you get your bearings and get you started on this amazing journey!

Your account will be your email address. You can earn 10 points each day you complete a reading and check in on this site (maximum of one check-in per day, resetting each morning by 6 AM CST). You can also earn hundreds of bonus points on the signup page. Every 10 points you accumulate gives you another entry into the drawing for our Grand Prize trip for two to the Holy Land (the real one in Israel, not the theme park in Florida).

You may earn points until December 1, 2013. Points will be tallied and a winner will be selected and announced before December 10, 2013. All official rules can be found here.