And the winning number is…
The ten closest guessers have been emailed and will be getting a copy of the Wayfinding Bible in the mail in the next week or two. Special congrats to Teela S., with the closest guess!

We were so excited to call our Grand Prize winner of the trip for two to the Holy Land. If you know Monica, now’s the time to start doing really nice things for her in hopes that she takes you with her!

We hope that even if you didn’t win, you still got something great out of our journey together. Our official membership is just shy of 12,000. Thanks for truly making this the World’s Biggest Small Group!

So now that our journey through the Flyover Route is over, what’s next?

Wayfinding Bible

We did the Flyover Route from the Wayfinding Bible. Two additional routes will take you deeper through the Bible:

  • Direct Route: 200 readings to develop a full understanding without getting bogged down in any one place.
  • Scenic Route: 400 readings to explore new territory, discovering the depth and richness of God’s word.

The Wayfinding Bible can be picked up in your favorite Christian bookstore, or you can buy the hardcover, paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.


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Did you miss checking in some readings? You may still check in once per day until December 1st (this coming Sunday). Remember, every check-in is 10 points and another entry into the drawing for a trip to the Holy Land!

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